So Necessary: The Essential Women’s Shoes in 2017

Hertta Päivärinta gives you her essential selection of women’s footwear you should be sporting this year.

Hertta Päivärinta gives you her essential selection of women’s footwear you should be sporting this year.

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Every season some classics are more hyped than others. Converse and Dr. Martens are staples, but your top choices for classic footwear in 2017 are something else.



This 2011 founded brand has made it’s way to the top of Finnish shoe designers together with Minna Parikka. Great quality combined with classical models, Terhi Pölkki shoes have made their way to women’s hearts and hallways. This season the most interesting shoe is the super stylish Fiona Babouche.

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Terhi Pölkki


Tabi’s are beyond seasonal fashion: they don’t go out of style. Maison Margiela established it’s famous Tabi boot in 1992. Since then it has made it’s way to becoming one of the most recognised shoes in the industry. The Tabi style brings a bit of a quirky tone to the fairly chic and delicate shoe tree common to Maison Margiela boots. Tabi’s are available in different styles and models. The most classic is the black ankle boot but if you’re into ballerinas, sandals or silver coated leather you can still become a Tabi girl.

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Maison Margiela


If the separation of the big toe is too freaky for you, Acne Pistols are the boots for you. Pistols are a classic way to upgrade your performance in a work related arena, night out or just your daily routine as the neighbourhood style connoisseur. The boot is said to be a mix of cowboy, motorcycle and riding boot. It’s a cool and an elegant shoe that holds up to Finnish weather.

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Making shoes more fun since 2005. Find yourself a pair of easy to wear loafers or classic Parikka high heels all with a twist of girly surrealism. The Bunny ear sneakers are trending all over the world as tastemakers have found the shoes to be connecting feminine power and cuteness.

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Minna Parikka


Maybe the biggest shoe trend this year are the backless slip in shoes: mules. They are available in all styles from slip in sneakers to high end loafers.

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New Balance has had it’s reputation Trumped and Stan Smith’s have swirled to it’s early death caused by the saturation as the all around shoe. (Not to mention Converse.) It’s Vans-time. If the basic black and white model bores you, check the Opening Ceremony collaboration.

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Technical details combined to the sock like shoe tree makes the Huarache one of the most interesting sneakers of the year. The fit is a bit snug: size up. Freakier zipper version also available. True 90’s fans go for the chunkier Nike Air Max 95, tho. These cushions will keep your step soft year around.

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