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Kaarlo Stauffer

One Quart Weekly Playlist presents: Best Of 2016

As selected by the One Quart team, here’s a selection of our favourite music from 2016.

Massive Attack:  The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval

For some reason I always expect Massive Attack to fail with each new release but somehow they (almost) never do. This was perhaps the best track of the year for me. Ville Kilpeläinen

Rihanna:  Work ft. Drake

These cool/hot dancehall vibes from Rihanna and Drake will keep you swinging into the New Year. Fiacha Harrington

Litku Klemetti: Jääkuningatar

In a genuinely dull year for Finnish music, it has been great to see bands like Litku Klemetti make a breakthrough. Nick Triani

Cass McCombs: Bum Bum Bum

Cass McCombs released the best album of 2016. The man has not really done interviews before but changed his mind with this album and to my surprise his interviews were almost as good as his music. Ville Kilpeläinen

Beyoncé: Formation

I’m thinking that a lot of people missed the whizz with Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ and her exceptional Lemonade album. People didn’t want to believe that Bay could release a ‘a great album’ (usually the critical community make this  a male concern). But Lemonade is not only seriously good, it’s potent with political insight at a time when popular music has shied away from such ideas. Formation is a wonderful piece of music, it’s also a powerful statement at a time when we really need them. Nick Triani

Drive-By Truckers:  What It Means

American Band is the first Drive-By Truckers album since Jason Isbell left the the band that I really like. Extra points for pissing of their fans. Guess most of them didn’t realise before that Patterson Hood is a left-wing liberal… Aki lehti

Chris T-T : #WorstGovernmentEver

OBVIOUSLY… Billy Brentford.

Father John Misty:  Real Love Baby

A fine tune from Father John Misty. Fiacha Harrington

Lady Gaga:  Come to mama

Loved this Father John Misty song performed by Gaga on her new album Joanne. Astrid Swan.

Kaarlo Stauffer

Tove Lo:  Cool Girl (Part of Fairy Dust)

Dark synth-pop from Sweden with rnb vibes. Fiacha Harrington

Devendra Banhart:  Middle Names

Devendra Banhart’s latest album (Ape in Pink Marble) was one of the biggest disappointments of 2016, but the lead single was amazing and promised so much more. Ville Kilpeläinen

Annette Peacock: Sky-skating

Annette Peacock’s music has been sort of mystery to me. nobody ever drop her name and my first touch of her was from an old Soundi magazine from 1978. In the album review her music was described as abstract Can-style muzak-music. Anyway, this short track from the extremely beautiful and not so jazz-rocky album Sky-skating still sounds damn contemporary. Kaarlo Stauffer.

Porches: Car

Porches Pool album was enjoyable in the sense that it reminded me of some great 2010 sounds and ideas and rebooted them for half a decade later. A subtle record that contained many pop thrills, ‘Car’ being one of them. Nick Triani

Solange: Cranes in the sky

Best soul/RnB track of 2016. Ville Kilpeläinen

Ty Segall: Candy Sam

Ty Segall continues to bring the sleazy and mean wedge of proto-punk psych musings to the masses and simply wipes the floor with everybody. All popular music has a duty to be this dirty. The prolific Segall offered his assault on our senses with the Emotional Mugger album, revelling in an extra twist of real time grime. Nick Triani

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam:  A 1000 Times

Great indie pop/pop from ex-Walkmen mainman and Vampire Weekend producer. Fiacha Harrington

Whitney: No Woman

Whitney’s ‘No Woman’ wins the “riff of the year” (from 1min 07sec) award for me. Ville Kilpeläinen

David Bowie: Blackstar

The title track from what was to be Bowie’s final work. The entire album was a true return to form. Nick Triani

Bon Iver:  666 ʇ

My favorite this year was 22, A Million by Bon Iver. Just went straight from the ear to my blood.

Kaarlo Stauffer

Mikko Joensuu: Warning Sign

Mikko Joensuu’s solo stuff after Joensuu 1685 has definitely been worth the wait. Amen I & II are amazing albums, and so is III which is coming up later. Ville Kilpeläinen

Jim James: Here In Spirit

Here in spirit by Jim James from this year’s Eternally Even. The second solo record from the My Morning Jacket frontman shows he is not in shortage of power pop songs. Fiacha Harrington

Plutonium 74 : Aleksis Kiven kadulla

Plutonium 74 teased us with two great singles from their new album that’ll be released in 2017. Pinja Niemi

Parquet Courts: Dust

I spent most of my year listening to white boys playing guitars whilst making lots of noise. And let’s face it, it’s a lot more genuine and interesting than listening to a bunch of white boys pretending to be hip-hoppers. Noisy indie-rock is so out of vogue right now, that quietly and under the radar it’s become secretly essential again. Parquet Courts are standard bearers. ‘Dust’ is taught, tight and a reminder that ‘dust is everywhere’. Nick Triani

Sturgill Simpson: In Bloom

Soulful country from Sturgill Simpson’s A Sailor’s Guide To Earth – this amazing cover of Nirvana‘s ‘In Bloom’ a great example. Fiacha Harrington

Radiohead:  Burn The Witch

Best Radiohead track in ages came this year. Karstein Volle.

Andy Stott: Faith In Strangers

Selected by Kaarlo Stauffer.

Car Seat Headrest: Vincent

Car Seat Headrest prove that indie rock is alive and well despite the rumours that rap rules the world. Fiacha Harrington

Angel Olsen:  Shut Up Kiss Me

As I mentioned in my review, at times, Angel Olsen manages to capture the essence of the Pixies on her latest album My Woman. Nick Triani.


Kaarlo Stauffer

Ryan Adams:  Do You Still Love Me?

Ryan Adams new single ‘Do you still love me?’ is one of the best songs I have heard all year and is from his forthcoming album ‘Prisoner’ out next February. Adams manages to chime in with this great single before the year is out. Fiacha Harrington

Viitasen Piia: Laulumaa

Finnish album of the year: Viitasen Piia Laulumaa. Aki Lehti.

Blood Orange:  I Know

My wish in 2017 is to see Blood Orange!!! Love him. Astrid Swan

Dexys:  Women of Ireland

Best covers album of 2016 was Dexys’ Let the Record Show: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul. Ville Kilpeläinen

Kevin Morby:  I Have Been To The Mountain

‘I have been to the mountain’ is one of the highlights from Kevin Morby’s Singing Saw. Fiacha Harrington

The Radio Dept.:  Swedish Guns

Sweden’s finest The Radio Dept. made the comeback of 2016. Ville Kilpeläinen

Devin Townsend Project:  Stormbending

After too many pop-metal albums (and some space-country and ambient) Devin Townsend went back to his prog-roots with Transcendence, his best album in a decade. Love this song and especially the video, it’s so epic and cheesy! Aki Lehti.

Chance the Rapper :  Ultralight Beam

Killing two birds with one stone; 2016 was the breakout for Chance The Rapper, whilst his take on Kanye West‘s Ultralight Beam shows us the origins of The Life of Pablo opener. Nick Triani

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:  Jesus Alone

‘Jesus Alone’ is one of the darker moments from the already very dark Skeleton Tree album. Fiacha Harrington

Kaarlo Stauffer

case/lang/veirs: Honey and Smoke

Earlier this year I was comforted daily by case/lang/veirs. Reminded me of all the things I loved about the 1990s sound…which somehow came crashing in this year. Astrid Swan

Merries:  Travel To The Sun

One of the great songs of 2016. Merries continue to mine their own path in their own formidable and resolutely spirited way. Nick Triani

IAMX: The Void

Mini album Everything Is Burning from Chris Corner aka IAMX contains some “leftover” tracks from last years Metanoia, many of them better than the ones from the main album. Now Corner is working on a new Sneaker Pimps album. Talk about strange comebacks. Aki Lehti

Savages:  T.I.W.Y.G.

Adore Life by Savages was one of the first albums of the year and still stands out at year’s end. ‘T.I.W.Y.G’ (this is what you get) shows that the first Savages album was no fluke, as they go even darker. Fiacha Harrington

Teenage Fanclub:  I’m In Love

Teenage Fanclub effortlessly returned, sounding as fresh and timeless as usual. Here was an album to cherish and remind us all that TFC make heartfelt power-pop better than any, then and now. Nick Triani

Wild Beasts: Big Cat

Selected by Astrid Swan

Operators: Cold Light

Cold Light was one of the lead tracks from Dan Boeckner‘s new outfit Operators. Their album Blue Wave captured the best of 80s new wave meets synth wave. The album was overshadowed by the return of Boeckber’s other outfit Wolf Parade, but it’s still well worth a listen. Fiacha Harrington

Richmond Fontaine:  A Night In The City

The last and final album from Richmond Fontaine  You Can’t Go Back If There’s Nothing To Go Back To  turned out to be a masterpiece. Thank god Willy Vlautin is gonna continue with his other band The Delines. Aki Lehti

Cats Of Transnistria: Displacement

I’m not too proud to put one of Soliti‘s releases here: Cats Of Transnistria’s Divine album is a thing of shimmering beauty and completely unique in it’s sound and execution. It’s been a puzzle how the majority of the Finnish media have ignored this record. Fittingly, it’s been great to see the album so well recieved abroad and popping up on some best of year lists. Nothing represents the album’s mood as well as ‘Displacement’. Nick Triani

In memoriam selected by Karstein Volle:
David Bowie: Five Years
Leonard Cohen: The Partisan
Motörhead: Ace Of Spades

Tracks selected by Ville Kilpeläinen, Billy Brentford, Fiacha Harrington, Kaarlo Stauffer, Karstein Volle, Astrid Swan, Nick Triani, Pinja Niemi and Aki Lehti.

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