This week's One Quart playlist has a slightly different feel. Curated by OQM contributors, check out sounds from DM STITH, The Maccabees, Parquet Courts, Abraxsophia, Methyl Ethel, BØRNS and more.

Kaarlo Stauffer

One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #34
DM STITH – Amylette

I’ve been listening to surprisingly calm and beautiful songs recently. Think I’m making myself concentrate better like that. DM Stith is an artist brought to me by Spotify’s discovery weekly. His songs have a touch of the strange which makes me return to them again and again. Heta Saukkonen

Roomful Of Teeth – Passacaglia

I have a feeling that weird choir music is going to come back in style. There’s a full album where this came from. Heta Saukkonen

Sampha – (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano

Pure beauty. Heta Saukkonen

Kaarlo Stauffer

BASEMENT FAMILY – Shit From Nothing CS

Last Saturday evening I spent home alone minding my own useless business, sitting in the kitchen and listening to cassette tapes. This one I found from Chicago last summer, same night I saw the band live. That was special and the tape sounds haunted. Tytti Roto

Abraxsophia – Asabaka Ishkan – أصابك عشق

Abraxsophia is a Cairo-based producer who creates captivating and ethereal music. This piece is a remake of a Hani Dahshan song. He uploads new material monthly  on his Soundcloud. Aikku Meura

The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines

The Electronic Circus released their only single in 1981, it’s breathtaking and has such unusual vocals. I guess I discovered it via the music blog Systems of Romance. Aikku Meura

Andy Shauf – The Worst In You

This is really my least favourite time of the year. I hate the soggy slush on the ground and the bright sun gives me headaches. So I need something soothing (especially in the mornings) and this Spring Andy Shauf’s comforting tunes seem to do the trick. Anna Jokela

The Maccabees – Forever I’ve Known

Even more dates are added to the expanding list of The Maccabees farewell shows. I’m a tiny bit gutted I won’t make it to the shows because after all, I grew up with the band. I followed them finding their sound through my teens, and just when I was reaching adulthood, they released Given to the Wild, their fairly different and more mature album. That album came out just when I needed it. Anna Jokela

Kaarlo Stauffer

Parquet Courts – Human Performance

Selected by Onni Nieminen

France Gall – Chanson pour que tu m’aimes un peu

Selected by Onni Nieminen

Methyl Ethel – Ubu

Selected by Teppo Meriläinen

BADBADNOTGOOD – Time Moves Slow (feat. Sam Herring)

Selected by Teppo Meriläinen

BØRNS – Past Lives

I binge-watched all the seasons of Girls this week and these three songs I shazamed from the show. Pinja Niemi

Lee Moses – Bad Girl

Selected by Pinja Niemi

Michael Penn – Anchors Aweigh

Selected by Pinja Niemi

This week’s playlist selected by Heta Saukkonen, Tytti Roto, Aikku Meura, Anna Jokela, Onni Nieminen, Teppo Meriläinen and Pinja Niemi.

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