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One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #31
Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog

This new track from Mac DeMarco is pure laid back indie. Fiacha Harrington

Pykäri – Run (feat. Mio)

Mikko Pykäri returns under his own name. Expectations for ‘Run’ (feat. Mio) are rightly high from the guy behind Regina and Shine 2009, and ‘Run’ doesn’t disappoint. Modernist yet not succumbing to the usual fault lines of much Finnish electro-pop, ‘Run’ is a refreshing experience enhanced by a very good Mia Kemppainen (LCMDF) vocal. A welcome return. Nick Triani (Spotify Playlist only).

Orchestra Baobab – Foulo

Bring some sunshine into your cold & dark February with the new Orchestra Baobab single. Ville Kilpeläinen.

Goldfrapp – Anymore

Selected by Fiacha Harrington.

Aye Nako – Particle Mace

Living in Finland it’s pretty easy to miss any music that is marginalized from abroad – actually from Finland too for that matter. This week alone my feed was dominated by the earth shattering experience of the new Profeetat single, a track that perfectly captured the sound of two ego’s shitting from the same a-hole. Never has so much been written about such vacuous nonsense. Alternatively, you could scout around and try to find out something about Aye Nako and New Jersey’s Don Giovanni Records. ‘Particle Mace’ throbs with angular intent and rewards repeated spins. Give into it. Nick Triani

Nikki Lane – ‘Jackpot’

Nikki Lane is one of the strongest voices in country music at the moment. Fiacha Harrington.

Dirty Projectors – Cool Your Heart feat. D∆WN

The recent discussion between the Dirty Projectors David Longstreth and Fleet Foxes Robin Pecknold about the state of indie music smacked of condescension and ignorance (and of showing your age). Whilst these guys probably don’t get out much, harping back to 2009 and a year when most of your buddies released noteworthy music – and stating that was the last time indie music performed a progressive function, is certainly self aggrandising at the least. Whilst ‘Keep Your Name’ from late last year felt extremely emotive and special, ‘Cool Your Heart’ treads a line that reveals an experiment in search of a pop tune. Longstreth increasingly sounds like mid-period Green Gartside (which is no bad thing), but that sense of application over feeling is stifling the life out of this track. Nick Traini

Nick Hakim – Bet She Looks Like You

Laid back vibes from Nick Hakim on his new single. I’ve enjoyed the EP’s he put out a few years back, and have been wondering how come he was unsigned for such a long time. Looking forward to his debut on ATO Records this spring. Ville Kilpeläinen.

M.I.A. – P.O.W.A

Built around a sample of The Marcel‘s ‘Blue Moon’, ‘P.O.W.A’  sees the singer chant, “I’m not Rihanna, I’m not Madonna, I’m not Mariah or Ariana/I’m been around in this world causing drama/The real spice girl, hot girl power.”  Fiacha Harrington.

Spiral Stairs – Dundee Man

If Aye Nako didn’t fulfill enough in you to satisfy your Pavement needs, the real Spiral Stairs is back. This sounds far better than I could have hoped. Nick Triani

Kaarlo Stauffer

Siekiera – Misiowie Puszyści

Very Very original Polish post-punk. Kaarlo Stauffer.

Elkie Brooks – Pearl’s a singer

Selected by Fiacha Harrington.

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

I bought my kid the Lego Yellow Submarine for christmas (yes, I know). Watching this clip with him we realized that the magical sub could actually fly as well as go underwater. But even more startling for me is how Paul McCartney’s song still retains its power after all these years and listens. Nick Triani

The Rutles – I Must Be In Love

Almost as great as any official Beatles cut – ‘I Must Be In Love’ by the Fab4’s spoof band The Rutles. Pop perfection in two minutes. Nick Triani

Elvis Presley – Hey Jude

I’ve always had a soft spot for this Elvis Presley cover of ‘Hey Jude’. It’s an outtake that later surfaced on the Elvis Now album from 1972 (though he originally cut the track in 1969). A great arrangement here where Elvis brings a touch of gospel to the track. Nikc Triani

Top Ranking Eric Darwin and the Revolutionaries featuring The Astronauts in Babylon – Vanha Hippi

Selected by Aleksi Pahkala.

Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again

Selected by Fiacha Harrington.

Yoko Ono – Why

Petri once played this one and said “it’s some rare no wave” and i swallowed it and then he continued: “it’s Ringo who is drumming” and i was “omg”. Kaarlo Stauffer.

Cody Jinks – I’m Not The Devil

Another new voice in country music. Fiacha Harrington.

Moor Mother – By The Light

This bent my brain. Arttu Tolonen.

Kaarlo Stauffer

Kolme Seisoo Vinossa – Peilisali

Some original Finnish post-punk. I find this track appealing – not for it’s stylistic excursion into sound which is not so common in 80’s Finland – but it’s emotional vulnerability that is more close to Sig than The Cure. Kaarlo Stauffer.

Boris Gardiner- Every Nigger is a Star

Moonlight is an amazing movie, and the soundtrack is really strong also. Go see it now. Ville Kilpeläinen.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – If You Leave

This is just one of the great pop songs from the Pretty In Pink soundtrack. Fiacha Harrington.

Teenage Fanclub – Some People Try to Fuck with You
Teenage Fanclub – Here Comes Your Man
Teenage Fanclub – About A Girl

Selected by Aleksi Pahkala. Read Aleksi’s piece on TF here. Teenage Fanclub play Tavastia Klubi this Wednesday (15th).

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – ‘Strange Form Of Life’

Selected by Ville Kilpeläinen.

Mega City Four – Iron Sky

Selected by Aleksi Pahkala.

The Electric Prunes – Holy Are You

After the recent death of american composer David Axelrod, i’ve checked some playlists of his collaborations and found this gem. Kaarlo Stauffer.

Laatikkoon – Little Boxes

Selected by Aleksi Pahkala. (Spotify Playlist Only).

Charlie Haden – The Golden Number

I love the fragility in Ornette Coleman‘s trumpet playing. Arttu Tolonen.

Television – Marquee Moon

Hard to imagine this track is forty years old – still sounds fresh to me. Fiacha Harrington.


This week’s playlist was put together by: Nick Triani, Ville Kilpeläinen, Fiacha Harrington, Kaarlo Stauffer, Arttu Tolonen and Aleksi Pahkala.

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