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One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #28
Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Spoon have been one of the most consistant bands of recent memory. Remarkably for a band with such a traditional line up they manage to reinvent themselves on each release and somehow continue to sound relevant (and not tired like so many contemporaries). With a return to their spiritual home with Matador, the band have released the first single (and title track) from their forthcoming album Fresh Thoughts. Again, this sees the band stretching their sound, with more experimental fare, but still able to deliver a satisfying song. This is the definition of grower. Nick Triani

Young Thug – Wyclef Jean

This already infamous video cost $100,000 USD and the rapper never even met the director. The video tells the story behind the filming. Fiacha Harrington.

Tough Tits – Hairless

Causing a stir in the UK, this Newcastle based ‘punk’ trio bring some all girl action with the fab Hairless. A nice mash up of the Cramps vs Slits, Tough Tits have got all the momentum right now. Nick Triani

Arcade Fire – I Give You Power

Arcade Fire are back in great form, featuring Mavis Staples. Fiacha Harrington

Gorillaz – Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine)

It’s a good week for music when Gorillaz make a return. This might be Damon Albarn‘s ‘other band’ but ‘Hallelujah Money’ is oh so relevant and on point. Fiacha Harrington

From First To Last – Make War

I wasn’t aware that Skrillex used to be in an ’emo’ band before he rose up the pop ladder to become the EDM megastar that he is today. Anyway, that band, From First To Last are back, with a new song written by Skrillex and sung by him. There seems to be some suggestion in certain quarters that ’emo’ is making a comeback. All one can say is ‘PLEASE GOD NO’. Listen to this and you’ll understand why. Nick Triani

Joose Keskitalo – Tietoisuus (Featured on the Spotify playlist below)

Mellow, ethio-jazz tinged new track from Joose Keskitalo. Ville Kilpeläinen

The Jesus And Mary Chain – Amputation

The Jesus and Mary Chain are back with new material. Feels like they had been gone forever – but good things come to those who wait. Fiacha Harrington.

The Flaming Lips – The Castle

If anyone’s still follwoing the Flaming Lips, they’d have realized that new album Oczy Mlody is a real return to form. Yes, it’s still experimental to a degree (when haven’t the Lips been so?) but thankfully it’s not a collaborative/guest album or covers record. ‘The Castle’ gives a good idea of what you’ll find on the record. In future years we’ll come to recognize  that The Lips were important. Nick Triani

Ryan Adams – Doomsday

Selected by Fiacha Harrington.

The xx: Say Something Loving

This live cut showcases new material from the xx. Happy to hear it is sound so strong live and not just on record. Fiacha Harrington.

Cass McCombs – Bradley Manning

The political good news last week was that Barack Obama has pardoned Chelsea Manning just before he leaves his presidential office. Back when Chelsea was Bradley, Cass McCombs released this touching tune. Nick Triani.

Vitas – 7th Element

You say Skrillex – I say Vitas. Karstein Volle.

Fufanu – Bad Rockets

One of the albums I’m looking forward to this year is from these Icelanders. I hope It’ll have more of the same kind of ominousness feel as this single. Anna Jokela.

Kaarlo Stauffer

The Undisputed Truth — Spaced Out (Youtube playlist only)

The late, great Norman Whitfield: staff writer and producer at Motown and, arguably, the most successful outside of the Tamla factory. Here he is sandwiched between The Temptations psychedelic/conscious period and helping to launch Disco and Richard Pryor on a wider world with ‘Car Wash’ and Rose Royce. And this is a b-side! Billy Brentford.

Swans: Screen Shot (Spotify Playlist only)

Selected by Karstein Volle.

Sturgill Simpson – Keep it Between the Lines

Sturgill Simpson effortlessly mixes straight up country with a beautiful soul twist. Fiacha Harrington.

Neil Young – For The Turnstiles

One of Neil Young’s most underrated songs, this is raw – and the vocals aren’t the only aspect that are. “Singin’ songs for pimps with tailors, Who charge ten dollars at the door” and “Though your confidence may be shattered, It doesn’t matter” finds Young in vulnerable yet repentant mood. Nick Triani

Teksti-TV 666 – Sä et tuu enää takaisin koskaan

After last weekend’s Alt Agency birthday party at Tavastia this stuck in my head, and I just love it. Anna Jokela

Come – Car

Selected by Joel Kupiainen

Jason Isbell – The Life You Chose

One of my favourite artist of recent years. This time the live sound is fleshed out with a larger backing band and the results are beautiful. Fiacha Harrington.


This week’s playlist was put together by: Billy Brentford, Nick Triani, Ville Kilpeläinen, Fiacha Harrington, Karstein Volle, Anna Jokela and Joel Kupiainen.

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