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One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #26



1. Jenny Hval – Conceptual Romance

Selected by Kaarlo Stauffer

2.The Avalanches – Bad Day (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

A most welcome return in 2016, The Avalanches release something new a little quicker this time, with this out-take from last years Wildflower dropping just before New Year. As always, the quality is high. Nick Triani

3. Dirty Projectors – Little Bubble

Selected by Ville Kilpeläinen

4. Goat Girl – Country Sleaze

Again, 2017 will be dominated by women playing music (this is a good thing). And following on from serious new talent appearing in the UK, girls with guitars will be big. Goat Girl could blow up big, they have recently been snapped up by the enduring Rough Trade. There’s a Courtney Barnett tone to the voice whilst musically, recent debut single ‘Country Sleaze’ is a quiet riot. Love it. Nick Triani

5.Tuff Love – Duke

Also from late last year, Glasgow’s Tuff Love continue the theme (and continue to grow on their 3rd EP). A bit more dream pop and early MBV mixed in with some great harmonies and a delicious melody. Nick Triani

6. Litku Klemetti – Juna Kainuuseen

A new video from Litku Klemetti, whose solo album is coming out on 13th of January. Antti Vallius.

7. Töölön Ketterä feat. Vesta – Valitsemaanne Numeroon

One hopes the discussion changes in 2017. Why the middle-class angst? The distraught voice of white privilege has been too dominant these last few years. The indistinguishable howl present here is a personality void where white male aggression gets to pump out it’s chest in indignant rage. Thank god for Vesta then, who injects levity and is the only reason this is worth your time.

8. Hulda Huima & Hitaat sekunnit – Ei rokki vaan blues

Selected by Kaarlo Stauffer

The indistinguishable howl present here is a personality void where white male aggression gets to pump out it’s chest in indignant rage.

Kaarlo Stauffer


Authenticity and ‘the notion of ‘ sucks, yet knowingness and knowing your intrinsic reality doesn’t bother me so much. So here’s another dose of Finnish white male privilege, but at this juncture it feels like a more natural setting: this is superior fuzz from Kynnet. Nick Triani

10. Neil Young – Peace Trail

Let’s all be thankful Neil Young’s still around. Ville Kilpeläinen

11. British Sea Power – Bad Bohemian

There was a time around 2005 (oh so long ago) where BSP looked like they may have been about to do something really interesting and on a mass scale. I’ve always loved the voice, but BSP perhaps have sailed too close to landfill since. Although ‘Bad Bohemian’ is no revelation, it possibly gives some credence to the just coined saying ‘there’s life in the old buggers yet’. A contrary opinion could read ‘if a band ever got a good ride for meaning well, it’s these guys.’  Nick Triani

12. Tinariwen (+IO:I) – Ténéré Tàqqàl (what has become of the Ténéré)

Always a favorite of mine. Tinariwen has their new album coming in February. Astrid Swan

13. Elliott Smith – I Figured You Out

Elliott Smith music just gets better with age. As Either/Or turns 20 (no really), it seems there are still some unreleased gems in the well, such as this beauty ‘I Figured You Out’. Nick Triani

14. Dawood Sarkhosh – Awoor ki Choom Kada

The first concert I went to in 2017 was Dawood Sarkhosh at Kulttuuritalo. It was an honor to be present. Astrid Swan

Kaarlo Stauffer

15. Mr. Fingers – Qwazars

Selected by Kaarlo Stauffer

16. Kate Bush – The Sensual World

Selected by Astrid Swan

17. George Michael – Killer/Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone

Selected by Kaarlo Stauffer

18. Joni Mitchell – Come In From The Cold

Selected by Astrid Swan

19. ODJB – Tiger Rag

This year is the 100th anniversary of pop music. Billy Brentford

20. Electric Light Orchestra – Telephone Line

When I was a kid ELO were a big plus in my life (especially the Out Of the Blue album and accompanying spaceship mobile). I grew up in a house with Radio One on the dial (it was one of those formative introductions to UK culture). In those days Radio One was a staple of pre-punk goodness, glam and AOR rubbing shoulders with the pop-hits of the day. So for every Manhattan Transfer, Bay City Rollers or Osmonds track you’d be likely to hear 10cc, Sparks, Dylan, Bowie or ELO also on prime time. As well as transporting me back to my 10 year old self, ‘Telephone Line’ strikes a chord in 2017 as a potent piece of emotional pop, with a production that remains quintessentially modern, despite the tracks heavy nod to 1950s tropes. Nick Triani

This weeks selections from: Nick Triani, Kaarlo Stauffer, Billy Brentford, Astrid Swan, Antti Vallius and Ville Kilpeläinen.

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