Kaarlo Stauffer

Kaarlo Stauffer

One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #17

Here at One Quart Towers it’s been quite impossible to ignore last week’s absolute adoration for The Cure‘s Helsinki show. We did our own video article last Friday, so this new weekly playlist finds itself The Cure free. But treasure’s are plenty, such as Timo Rissanen‘s pick of Solange‘s “Don’t Touch My Hair” off of her new highly rated album A Seat At The Table. Nick Triani offers Bon Iver‘s lyric video (one of many from latest album 22, A Million) for “715 – CR∑∑KS”. Worth noting is Nick’s addition of a track by Finnish indie-poppers Is This Really Me? from their keenly felt, yet finally released debut album The Iron Door. Other selections from Nick include the RnB blueprint of Missy Elliot‘s “All N My Grill”, folk/jazz reminisces with Pentangle, the hugely successful but slightly forgotten funk of The Whisper‘s “And The Beat Goes On”. Finally, Nick add’s a tribute to the sadly late Rod Temperton who penned sweet tunes such as Michael Jackson‘s “Rock With You”.

Joel Kupiainen brings more finnish indie with Lokit‘s “Tosi hyvä tyyppi” and comments: ” Lokit just put out another 7″ of their wonderful hybrid of finnish punk/new wave and power/twee pop”. Ville Kilpelainen contributes a new tune from Dungen whilst adding an oldie from Gene Clark adding that “Clark’s “No Other” is still unclassifiable”. Fiacha Harrington adds newies from Jamie xx and a Paul Thomas Anderson video of Radiohead performing “The Numbers”– whilst adding Fugazi‘s “Waiting Room” declaring it a “stone cold classic”. Emmi Kujanpää brings a live performance from Juurakko, whilst Aapeli Salminen informs us that “I’ve fallen big time for the sounds of  the great depression and early 20th century America. This music is uncanny in its power to absorb and take you to its world.” This view is represented by Dock Boggs “Bright Sunny South”.

I’ve fallen big time for the sounds of  the great depression and early 20th century America. This music is uncanny in its power to absorb and take you to its world

Kevin Walker goes deep into his three selections: “Good Times” by Eric Burdon and The Animals. “This is my favourite Animals track. The singer ponders over how different his life might be had his choices been different. Fairly ordinary subject matter on the face of it, this song however, is craft. Good Times is a well thought out composition, quite theatrical, lyricly simple and accessible, the music being the soundtrack to this timeless story of regret and self pity. This is no ordinary blues or folk song.” “Linus and Lucy” by The Vince Guaraldi Trio from the 1965 soundtrack album A Charlie Brown Christmas. “When I was a kid I didn’t think Charlie Brown was funny at all. I thought it was sad. It seemed to me that Charlie was treated like shit and I felt deeply for him. Pathos is still what i take away from those animations today. I clearly need help… anyway, Vince Guaraldi is worth checking out. A true master of understatement.”  “Everything I Own” by Bread. David Gates wrote this iconic track which is popular with reggae acts. Ken Booth had a hit with his rock-steady style version in 1974. The David Gates version is inspired. He developed a sickly sweet style with Bread that has to be experienced to be understood.The production on these Bread classics is stunning. Pristine and sumptuous, boasting great range and depth. David Gates was the teen idle that parents of teenage girls could approve of. Once again, it´s all about craft. If you’re going to do something, do it right.”

Finally, Mark B Odom picks out Lucias‘ “Go ‘Home” telling us “This is something I just stumbled upon via Spotify discover weekly playlist. The sinister but heartfelt atmosphere they manage is hard to pull off without running into schmaltz territory – and they succeed. The stop motion video for the track is beautiful and obviously painstakingly executed, but the song would easily stand on its own without visualisation. I don’t know anything else about their other material… It sounds genuine, at least to these old, ringing ears.”

This week’s playlist is as eclectic as ever, newest cuts front loaded. Enjoy.

Kaarlo Stauffer

Kaarlo Stauffer

  1. Solange: Don’t Touch My Hair
  2. Bon Iver: 715 – CR∑∑KS
  3. Dungen: Jakten genom skogen
  4. Is This Really Me: Forty Acres
  5. Jamie xx: Gosh
  6. Lokit: Tosi hyvä tyyppi
  7. Radiohead: The Numbers
  8. Vince Guaraldi Trio: Linus And Lucy
  9. Dock Boggs: Bright Sunny South
  10. Missy Elliot: All N My Grill (Ft. Nicole Wray & Big Boi)
  11. Lucius: Go Home
  12. The Whispers: And The Beat Goes On
  13. Gene Clark: No Other
  14. Eric Burdon & The Animals: Good Times
  15. Juurakko: Eipä kasva kaikki laulut
  16. Michael Jackson: Rock With You
  17. Fugazi: Waiting Room
  18. Bread: Everything I Own
  19. Pentangle: Reflection


This week’s playlist was compiled by: Timo Rissanen, Nick Triani, Joel Kupiainen, Ville Kilpeläinen, Fiacha Harrington, Emmi Kujanpää, Aapeli Salminen, Kevin Walker and Mark B Odom.


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