by Hetta Inari Komi

KO:MI is the solo project from Sanna Komi, who occasionally interacts with other musical projects such as Pintandwefall, Kynnet and Cats of Transnistria to name a few. The just released second KO:MI album, the splendidly titled We Said We Didn’t Know but We Knew, is a thematic record that deals with the profound topic of “continuing to live and love during multiple environmental emergencies and the social injustices built in them.” A record that demands attention not only for it’s baroque experimental arrangements but also its inherent message to humanity, the album has received good notices from home and abroad. Now, Sanna compiles a seasonal playlist especially for OQM.

Winter Evenings Playlist

“This playlist ranges from electronic pop to folk and modern classical pieces, and all songs have one thing in common: I think they are lovely. They are arranged in a way to first engage you, and then softly relax you, and the optimal time to put this on would be 90 minutes before going to bed. Or whenever you wish to listen to beautiful music! The artists featured include some of my all time favourites, some new favourites, and many who should be better known
and appreciated.”

My Brightest Diamond – ‘Ceci Est Ma Main’ (Groundlift Remix)  I haven’t really listened to anything else by My Brightest Diamond, but this song has something very addictive to it and when I first came across it I listened to it on loop for ages.

Ane Brun – ‘Do You Remember’
Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun is definitely one of my all time favourites. It All Starts with the One album, which this song is from, is wonderful from start to finish. There’s so much attention to detail and so many delightful small things happening all around!

ANOHNI – ‘Drone Bomb Me’
That voice! I find this song extremely touching. The lyrics and the arrangement would be overly dramatic if sung by anyone else, but that vibrato makes everything perfect and just right.

Kadhja Bonet – ‘Honeycomb’
I absolutely love this song! It is such a timeless, really exquisitely written piece of music.

Agnes Obel – ‘Aventine’
Again, we are in the realm of all time favourites. This whole album is one I keep going back to, it is wonderful from start to finish.

Kate Bush – ‘Pi’
Where would I be without Kate Bush? Her way of using her voice and disregard for conventions and rules has inspired me immensely. I often think of the melodies of ‘Wuthering Heights’ and how wonderfully weird they are. I had found her music some years before the Aerial double album was released, and I remember the feeling of being part of something bigger when the new album came out and I was able to listen to it instantly, not decades after its release. The album has stayed with me ever since and I usually listen to it especially during the darker time of the year.

KO:MI We Said We Didn’t Know but We Knew album cover

Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man – ‘Drake’
If I had to choose just one album to listen for the rest of my life, it would be Out of Season. I’m forever grateful to my high school friend and fellow Portishead-fan Noora who brought this solo project of Beth Gibbons to my attention! I think this is also my most listened album ever; it just simply does not get old. It was difficult to choose a song for the playlist since I think every single one of them is worthy of extra attention, so I went with a name that would fit well with the following song.

Nick Drake – ‘Pink Moon’
A classic that doesn’t really require explanations. I especially like the relaxed, yet forward-going feeling of this song.

Mia Doi Todd – ‘Spring’
There’s something hauntingly beautiful in this song.

Linda Perhacs – ‘Parallelograms’
Linda Perhacs and this album should be universally better known. The whole album, originally released in 1970 to no recognition, is a gem.

Maarja Nuut – ‘Kuud kuulama’
I love how well trained my Spotify algorithms are, since I would never have heard this song otherwise. I haven’t yet had a chance to explore more of her music, but I really love the simple meditative feeling of this song, and the Estonian language sounds really beautiful.

Hilary Hahn, Huschka – ‘Ashes’
A compelling, beautiful piece.


Zoë Keating – ‘Sun Will Set’
Maybe my favourite looper artist. Cello is obviously the most
beautiful instrument in the world, so there is a lot to love in all of Zoë Keatings discography.

Pascal Schumacher, Maxime Delpierre – ‘Drops’
One of my more recent finds, I really like the effortlessness and flow of this piece.

Deru – ‘1979’
I love the sound and atmosphere in this piece, which leads really well to the last meditation of this playlist.

William Basinski – ‘Cascade’
This is my #1 go-to meditation/meditative sound escape. It helps me sleep especially when sleep is needed in places not meant for sleeping, and concentrate when concentration is needed in places not geared towards concentrating. In other words, it allows you to transcend time and place.

We Said We Didn’t Know but We Knew is out now.
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