One Quart Magazine Playlist: Katerina

Our week of One Quart Magazine Playlists starts with influential DJ and music maker Katerina, sharing her eclectic and broad musical outlook with us.

Our week of One Quart Magazine Playlists starts with influential DJ and music maker Katerina, sharing her eclectic and broad musical outlook with us.



Katerina comes labelled as a skilful DJ, an imaginative music maker and an emotional and hyper sensitive artist from Helsinki via Bulgaria. Of course this only touches the surface. A key player in the establishment of the Finnish underground club scene, Katerina  contributes to the Cómeme music collective, whilst she shares her broad musical knowledge and her very particular musical obsessions on Cómeme’s Radio Emotsiya. Today, we get to listen to Katerina’s music favourites with her own OQM playlist.

Arthur Russell – Let’s Go Swimming
I believe Arthur Russell is an angel who was just visiting earth. Most touching and deep lyrics like nothing else accompanied by special ways of composing and producing music. One of a kind artist never to be forgotten.

I believe Arthur Russell is an angel who was just visiting earth

DJ Quik – Hand In Hand feat. 2nd II None & El DeBarge
One of my all time favourite producers and the ultimate creator of feel good music for me. If I ever feel down, DJ Quik will get me up in no time. I love that he worked with El Debarge too who’s one of my all time favourite singers.

Parliament – Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Parliament Funkadelic is one of my biggest musical influences. Been a funkateer since early age and still can’t get enough of the funk. Mind-blowing music by incredible musicians.

The Modern Lovers – Hospital
A special friend from New York introduced me to the legendary Modern Lovers and it felt like nothing else. The lyrics are filled with humour but at the same time extremely emotional. I always cry when I listen to this song. Jonathan Richman is so special he could get away with anything.

94 East & Prince – Lovin’ Cup
I’m a die-hard fan of The Purple One. It’s almost like Prince is my religion …haha. Got a swear jar in my home along with all his records and some purple candles to light while listening to the best music ever made.


Yves Tumor – The Feeling When You Walk Away
I love Yves Tumor. Been playing his music a lot on my radio shows. Saw him live at the opening of Berghain Säule in Berlin and it made such a strong impact on me. I felt like I was in another world and that doesn’t happen so often. It was beautiful!

Nico – You Forget to Answer
The whole story is heartbreaking. The song ‘You Forget to Answer’ tells of the misery felt by Nico when she failed to reach ex-lover, and Doors’ singer, Jim Morrison by phone only to find out later that he had died. The whole album is a very deep experience. It’s called The End and features the cover of the Doors’ ‘The End’ and it’s produced by John Cale.

Ashra – Oasis
Ash Ra Tempel was Manuel Göttsching’s first prominent musical output. Not a lot of Manuel’s music can be found on Spotify but his music is easy to find elsewhere and I highly recommend you get on it if you never listened to him before. I love all the music he’s made and I’m not just saying that.

Björk – Generous Palmstroke
I love Björk and I think she is magical. She’s always been radical and she’s always made radical music. She’s my idol. This song speaks to my soul. “Undo this privacy and put me in my place.”

She’s always been radical and she’s always made radical music

Serpentwithfeet – bless ur heart
I found this beautiful artist only recently and I’m excited! Feels like experimental gospel to me, like soulful classical music, very majestic, very emotional. Just the way I like it.

Gil Scott-Heron – Did You Hear What They Said?
Maybe the most touching song ever made. Gil Scott-Heron is without a doubt one of my all time favourite artists. His writing is exceptional and his voice is ever so relevant today and much needed. You can learn a lot by listening to him.

Actress – Blue Window
Taken from the album AZD released in 2017. I love this album and especially this song. Deep emotional electronica. Timeless and beautiful. Makes you think, makes you feel. I adore Actress.


Nina Kraviz – Fire
She’s an artist who speaks to my heart and continues to inspire me. This song is the last song on her beautiful debut album and I feel it deeply. Ever since I first heard her music I knew she was going to touch many people around the world. She has it, that raw passion and emotion and she’s not afraid to show it.

Marine Girls – Tutti Lo Sanno
Marine Girls were a post-punk group formed in the 80s. One of the founding members was Tracey Thrown of Everything But The Girl. Thorn just played guitar in the beginning but later overcame her shyness and started singing too. Effortlessly charming music.

Sun Kil Moon – Dogs
Taken from the brilliant album Benji. Mark Kozelek is such a great songwriter that he can make you feel more than you were expecting and even make you slightly uncomfortable but if you listen to him carefully you will never be the same again.

Slick Rick – Hey Young World
One of my favourite hip hop songs by one of the greatest rappers ever. His style is unique and this song has such sweetness and wisdom that if I ever have a kids I will play this to them.

Nina Simone – Four Woman
This song – written by Nina Simone herself – is a powerful masterpiece. It’s so emotional that you can physically feel the pain of these women. The build up is so intense that I always burst into tears at the end. Can’t get more real than this.

It’s so emotional that you can physically feel the pain of these women

Aphrodite’s Child – Loud, Loud, Loud
Taken from the album 666 which is one the most important albums of my life. Vangelis Papathanassiou, Demis Roussos, Loukas Sideras, Silver Koulouris and film director Costas Ferris’s project, a countercultural take on the Book of Revelation that was almost never released by Mercury Records because of its uncommercial material. The first song on the album, ‘The System’, fades in with a choir chanting “We got the system, to fuck the system!” This album is more relevant today than ever.

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