Karstein Volle

Karstein Volle

We’re keeping our beady eyes open to see how many Goths we can spot in Helsinki when The Cure visit Hartwall Arena today (7th October). It’s been 20 years since The Cure last played Finland – Provinssi 1996 to be exact – so some sort of heady excitement is expected to go along with the big-backcombed hair, smudged red lipstick and runny mascara. A quick puruse online tells us that the sets the band have been playing in 2016 have not only been very long but hit filled affairs that contain gems from the band’s vast back catalog.

Our feature today focuses on the work the band made with video/film director Tim Pope. Since 1982 Pope has directed some 37 (!!!) videos for The Cure, and we’d hazard a guess this has probably been the most productive collaboration between a band and video director ever within the realms of popular music. Pope’s work with The Cure has not only cemented in our imaginations the visual look of the band, but their collaboration gave new possibilities of what could be achieved within the relative limits of the pop-video format of the time. This feels especially pertinent when you take into account the works from the early to late 1980s and the influence they had on a post-MTV generation.

To celebrate this evening’s show, we’ve picked five of our favourite videos that the band made with their long time collaborator.  Enjoy.

The Cure vs Tim Pope


The Cure at Hartwall Arena.

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