One Quart Recommends: Flow Festival 2016

Members of the One Quart Editorial discuss their personal highlights from this coming weekend’s Flow Festival 2016.

Members of the One Quart Editorial discuss their personal highlights from this coming weekend’s Flow Festival 2016.

Flow Festival Helsinki 12.-14.8.2016

Flow Festival

“My music tip is Anohni: Hopelessness. The opening of the tour in New York in May is the most challenging live music experience I’ve had; she demands a lot from her audience. Whatever anger and frustration drove the writing is present without editing. It was uncomfortable and absolutely worth it.”

-Timo Rissanen

Anohni: Hopelessness, Sunday 14.8. 23:00 Lapin Kulta Red Arena


“It’s very appealing that they have movies at Flow this year. With this in mind, two of my picks for the weekend would be the deliriously trippy Enter The Void on Friday and The Expendables #3 on Sunday (and yes, i’ve watched both 1 & 2, brilliantly awful). I’m also looking forward to New Order. After catching some 12 NO gigs over the years, the band tend to veer from dreadful to life affirming, depending on how drunk or moody they are (though I’m sure they behave more stately nowadays). I first saw New Order when I was 17 at some polytechnic in north London (probably around 1982/3). I met the band backstage after a really terrible show. I remember Hooky being real friendly, but Barney wouldn’t give me a plectrum because they cost 20 pence in Manchester. I cooly reminded him that in the beautiful south of England they cost 25 pence. He wasn’t amused. Looking back on that now, I have to admit plectrums were bloody expensive in Thatcher’s Britain.”

-Nick Triani

Films at Flow

New Order, Sunday 14.8. 20:30 Lapin Kulta Red Arena


“I was really looking forward to seeing The Kills, but I just read that they cancelled. It’s part of Flow each year – someone always cancels at the last moment. Being a family man, Sunday afternoon for the kids is great, get them started on the music when they’re young.”

-Fiacha Harrington

Family Sunday, Sun 14.8. 13:00 Backyard


“I’ve had many recommendations to try Cargo‘s vegan burger, it’s said to be the best in Helsinki. Also on the menu: chaga mushroom iced coffee!“

-Pinja Niemi

Cargo at Flow

Cargo, Flow Festival

Cargo, Flow Festival

“My recommendation is to be in front of the main stage on Saturday at 23:00 PM when FKA twigs performs. She is merging minute musical detail to huge broad electronic strokes – she makes artful pop – and what is more, her image, videos, interviews and song lyrics make her poetic, enigmatic and viscerally feminist and political all at the same time. Also, I have no idea what the live show will be like, but my expectation is that she’ll keep me on my toes.”

-Astrid Swan

FKA twigs, Saturday 13.8. 23:00 Main Stage


“My tip: Ian William Craig. Should be a perfect pick for the third night of the festival. Craig crafts unique soundscapes with his voice and various instruments, as witnessed most recently on Centres, his brilliant LP released in July. The music may seem deceptively “ambient” at first, but the layers reveal themselves little by little.”

-Matti Nives

Ian William Craig, Sunday 14.8. 19:30 The Other Sound


Thee Oh Sees is something I’ve wanted to see live for a long time, but never had the chance. Their live shows seem to be pure rhythmic energy. Of domestic acts I’d recommend Itä-Hollola Installaatio, who are one of the freshest newcomers in Finnish left field rock music.”

-Aki Pohjankyrö

Itä-Hollola Installaatio, Sat 13.8. 14:45 Black Tent
Thee Oh Sees, Sun 14.8. 21:00 Black Tent

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