OQM Playlist: Life during quarantine #16

With the latest Life during quarantine playlist Nick Triani looks at the numbers and their influence.

With the latest Life during quarantine playlist Nick Triani looks at the numbers and their influence.

Nick Triani

Listen to Life during quarantine #16 here

Away from the numbers

As someone who has been able to work during Covid-19 (yes, I am aware of this  privilege in these times), it’s a daily reminder of how – I’m paraphrasing here – we are ‘slave to the numbers’. Numbers determine so much nowadays. Who gets what, who doesn’t get this. Numbers represent more than hard data, this new hard statistical currency also determines opportunity. Yes, money brings comfort but ultimately having the right numbers brings you the money.

I’m not being vague, this new numerical autocracy is vague. We have so little time to go deep on a number of issues, that ultimately studying the numbers gives us a quick, superficial answer on pressing concerns, often ignoring underlying issues; be it engagement, polling, listening, voting, movement, our health and so forth – nothing is too complex for the numbers to give you the simplest of solutions. A quick fix if you like on the state we’re in, without asking too many questions.

Nick Triani


Things are no longer clear cut, or black and white – at least in an analytical sense. How is one supposed to traverse modern living (or dying) without proper recourse or analysis of those numbers involved? Do we even have access to the statistics that inform our well-being?

And how do those numbers take in my personality, my generally inquisitive and open nature, my artististic flourishes, my impassioned objectivity, my lust for life, my compassion, my sensitivity and the deepest recesses of my soul?  I haven’t a clue. The real story requires more than a calculator. But I’m telling you now, you’d better sort it out because your life may count on those numbers being high.


Nick Triani

The Playlist numbers

You’ll find 30 songs, lasting approximately 1 hour and 59 minutes. At least four of the songs were released this year 2020. A further 6 are from the previous decade (10 years) with the rest of the music coming from the years between 1950 and 2010 (60 years). This is the 16th Life during quarantine playlist – 4 months worth of weekly (7 day) playlists. Enjoy.

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Nick Triani is an editor and contributor to One Quart Magazine.

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