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We’re delighted to give you the first listen of the Merries new s/t album.

Merries exist outside of what the mainstream music media may call home. Over the last few years Merries have become beacons of a certain kind of indie sound and attitude. For those of us in the know, Juuso Härmä writes the sweetest songs and this seven tracker ably demonstrates that great songwriting isn’t the preserve of the pop-star fraternity. To reinforce this feeling no sign of a Paperi T collaboration seems imminent.

So, scratch the surface, see what’s underneath the glass. Merries won’t disappoint. And yeah, tell your friends about it as Merries are too busy writing their next batch of heartbreakers.

Merries album is out now via Royal Mint Records. Check our own Kaarlo Stauffer‘s gorgeous sleeve artwork when you pick up a copy on 10″ vinyl .

And like many other bands, Merries play shows. In Finland and abroad.

23.7 Turku, H2Ö-festivaali
30.7 Helsinki, Sir Oliver (+ Litku klemetti & Tuntematon numero )
23.9 Oulu, 45 special (+Love Sport & Sofa Pets)
5.10 Dundee (+The Shithawks)
6.10 Tba (+The Shithawks)
7.10 Tba (+The Shithawks)
8.10 Edinburgh (+The Shithawks)

More Merries here and on Facebook

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