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The brainchild behind moody electro popster Helsinski, Juho Vehmanen curates a new playlist for One Quart Magazine

The brainchild behind moody electro popster Helsinski, Juho Vehmanen curates a new playlist for One Quart Magazine

Kerttu Malinen

Helsinski‘s recently released debut album Glow Sticks has quietly become a critical and commercial success. The brainchild of Juho Vehmanen, Juho has cut his teeth playing with some of the biggest artists in the Finnish mainstream – most notably PMMP and Jenni Vartiainen, whilst also being a mainstay with My First Band.

What surprises with Glow Sticks is the left turn Juho takes with his music, a lush electronic drive that displays oodles of mood and atmosphere as well as distinctive pop nous throughout . Today, Juho puts together a playlist of sounds for OQM that impacted on Helsinski. Glow Sticks is out now on Bianca Pop. 

Bianca Pop

From the album Lucky Shiner (2010). The single most influential track for my music. This song was the key that unlocked me from thinking music as notes but more like a play-dough of sounds. I just love the carefree vibe in this one. I wrote my first single ‘No Voice to Shout’ after hearing this for the first time.

Timeless classic from the Scottish duo. They have a sound you could use as a pillow. This band is an endless source of inspiration for me.

JOHN HOPKINS – Neon Pattern Drum
If I had to choose just one track, but the whole album Singularity (2018) is just magical. All the sounds reacting to each other in the most hypnotic way. Stream of consciousness.

NOISIA – Tommy’s Theme
So many things to fall in love with this on this track from the Dutch trio – the loose and roughly edited beat with dark synth-beds and a doomsday choir. And then they all give space to what’s probably the most violent and grim dubstep synth lead I’ve ever heard. Powerful mood!

THE XX – On Hold
A beautiful song with a great drive, identifiable lyrics and all the awesome indie vibe in the world.

ONNI BOI – Colors
Super interesting Finnish artist with infallible elegance. This song is one of my favourites with its reserved feeling. Ear candy for synth enthusiasts.

Another Finnish talent I admire a lot. Just released his debut album Folk which sounds amazing. This song sounds big and it rewards you with some tasty major chords in the middle. Catchy and beautiful.

Another pre-show hit that warms you up every time. We listen this one practically before every My First Band gig. Irresistible groove in a perfect form.

Pre-show playlist stuff. Superb bass riff and chiptune sounds make this song a tailor-made fit for me. Let’s get the party started!

I’m too cynical to be a fan of anything – except for Die Antwoord. It’s so fucking outrageously amazing stuff it blows my skirt up every-time. I’m so hooked that I’m even buying their merch.





Bianca Pop

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