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With their new album And Justice For AllLOVE SPORT attempt to make a case for the validity of alternative rock as a going concern in 2020. If they succeed or not  you can decide by listening to the album which has just been released. At the least, don’t expect a Metallica tribute album. In the meantime, the members of LOVE SPORT – Teemu Tanner, Mikko Sulonen, Max Mäkinen and Aki Pohjankyrö have compiled a new playlist which they inform OQM is a guide to what they’re listening too right now.

Listen to the LOVE SPORT playlist here



Las Kellies – Rid of you You must obey the groove of Las Kellies! -Teemu

David Bowie – Red Sails I threw a dart in a pile of Bowie songs and it stuck on this one. -Max

Squid – The Cleaner Fresh and unique rock band from the UK. I really like both lead singers, the use of horns and just the overall tongue-in-cheek attitude they seem to have. -Mikko

Tim Curry – Biting My Nails Great neurotic feel good track from Tim Curry! Turn up the volume and annoy/cheer up everyone around you with this one. If you’re spaced out or it’s 3am replace this with the Renegade Soundwave cover version. -Aki

Psychic TV – I believe what you said This spring has been totally ridiculous, and I’ve been listening to Psychic TV. -Max

The Go-Betweens – Apology Accepted An emotionally charged & cathartic track from The Go-Betweens, gets me every time. -Aki

The Minneapolis Uranium Club – Flashback Arrestor Uranium Club is one of the best bands of the 21st century and that’s that! -Teemu

Nico – Frozen Warnings Nico always takes me places. -Max 

Boygenius – Bite The Hand Not sure if Boygenius is an actual band or just some sort of collaboration project but I hope we get more from them after this EP. -Mikko

Pintandwefall – Ah-ah-ah Just a charming song and superb vocals in this single cut from their latest album. -Mikko

Disq – Gentle Thank you Spotify algorithm for introducing me to Disq. Cool young band that sounds sometimes like Parquet Courts playing Weezer songs. -Mikko

Alice Boman – Don’t Forget About Me Ville from my other band Verandan mentioned this when we were thinking of references for the latest Verandan single. Love the atmosphere, lyrics, and production!  -Aki

Mike Oldfield – Orabidoo Everyone loves Mike, duh! -Teemu

Weatherday – Mio, Min Mio Very lo-fi record with absolutely amazing songs. Hard to pick one song for this list as I think the album is more than the sum of the parts. -Mikko

 Mothers – PINK Nice take on contemporary “post-punk” with THE hypnotic bassline. I don’t usually like technical virtuoso drummers but here’s an exception, wow. -Aki

 John Duncan – Shatter I respect Duncan for his intensity, which at times yields otherworldly results. -Max 

The Haters – Drunk on Decay 3 I wish people would just give up hate and listen to The Haters instead. -Max


LOVE SPORT play a live-stream
album launch show on the 6th June

And Justice For All  album is out now via Soliti

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