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As I get older I find I spell my surname wrong ever more frequently. Not sure why this is other than the passing of time blunting my sharpness and senses – and a lazy keyboard typing technique. During this unprecedented time, where the massive loss of life we are living through becomes easily normalised, this takes me to a place where quirks and uncommon thoughts indulgently dominate.

This quarantine time/stay at home/isolation leads to other types of reflection too. Although I work from home and carry on some semblance of normality, in the back of mind, niggling away at me is that massive loss of life, the devastation we’re witnessing from a distance. For so many people this virus is real in a way I can not imagine. Yet I’m frequently reminded of the goodness of people every day, that inherent quality which feels amplified at this time as we realise in many ways we are all in the same boat, though I’m acutely aware that some people remain better off than others.

Yet the feeling of needing to express – of just being and that other kind of normalcy – rolls on. In isolation we can’t really offer much practical or physical help other than voice compassion and empathy through our own social media bubbles and connect and care as best we can. Here’s some music to pass the time, no theme, just music I’ve been listening to over these last three weeks. Some remembrance too. Take care.

Nick Triani is an editor and contributor to One Quart Magazine

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