One Quart Magazine Playlist: Antti Lötjönen

A new playlist arrives at One Quart Magazine courtesy of one of Finland's most acclaimed Jazz musicians, Antti Lötjönen. Antti selects cuts that inspired his just released debut album Quintet East.

A new playlist arrives at One Quart Magazine courtesy of one of Finland's most acclaimed Jazz musicians, Antti Lötjönen. Antti selects cuts that inspired his just released debut album Quintet East.

Tuomas Timonen

One of the most highly regarded musicians operating in Finland’s ever blossoming and essential jazz scene right now is bassist Antti Lötjönen. Antti has previously lit up music by the likes of The Five Corners Quintet, 3TM, Ilmiliekki Quartet, Aki Rissanen Trio and Timo Lassy, to name but a few. Antti has just released his debut album Quintet East  via the impressive We Jazz label.

Quintet East features Antti as composer and band leader with fellow jazz luminaries such as Verneri Pohjola, Mikko Innanen, Jussi Kannaste and Joonas Riippa joining the journey. Antti has curated a playlist for OQM which highlights some of the inspirational sounds that have informed his well received debut album. We advise putting everything else on hold whilst diving into the this excellent selection of music from Antti. 


Slam Stewart “Bowin’ Singin’ Slam”
– Brings a big smile to your face.

Sonny Rollins “Freedom Suite”
– A trio without a harmony instrument. Great composition that stands out from the regular jazz standards typical of this era. Beautifully performed by the whole group, the rhythm section (Pettiford & Roach) are on fire.

Elvin Jones & Jimmy Garrison Sextet “Half And Half”
– Great spiritual jazz, amazing atmosphere. Elvin Jones & Jimmy Garrison also formed the rhythm section of the legendary Coltrane quartet.

Ornette Coleman “Focus On Sanity” & “What Reason Could I Give”
– Ornette Coleman! Charlie Haden! Strongest powerhouses in the history of jazz. Telepathic.

Charlie Haden “Circus ’68 ’69″
– Charlie Haden! The music gets under your skin, in a positive way. Resonates strongly, emotional music.

Old And New Dreams “Mopti” & “Chairman Mao”
– Super quartet by members who grew up under Coleman’s wing. Clever technique on “sampling” – a technique made famous by Haden already in the sixties. He used an old recorded loop as part of the new song. First ones to use sampling ever?

Paul Bley “Figfoot”
– Unique and highly personal pianist ahead of his time. Bley’s melodic tone is something else.

Masabumi Kikuchi “Uptempo”
– Another unique character among pianists.

Paul Motian “The Last Dance”
– Brilliant version of an old standard. Clever piano solo by Masbumi Kikuchi.

Milton Nascimento “Irmao De Fe”
– Brazil stuff. Simply put: a beautiful song.

Rosenwinkel “Little B”
– I love Rosenwinkel’s harmonies. Easy to approach, fascinating, but not intentionally complicated. Beautiful song, great vocals by Pedro Marten and great melody in the song, too. The perfect song to warm your heart.

Bill McHenry “Time” & “African Song”
– Sax player/composer who was as personal as he was brave. Fresh sounds and quite bizarre improvisation, in a good way.

John McNeil/Bill McHenry “Wells Fargo”
– Check out Martin’s bass work on this track, brilliant stuff.

Jeff “Tain” Watts “Vodville”
– I performed this track live on tour with Jeff and Kurt. Actually a tough song to play live because of all the rhythmic gimmicks, but sounds easy in the end (laughs).

Chris Lightcap “Ting”
– I love the strong vibe in Lightcap’s music.

Mark Dresser “Innard Pulse”
– A great solo performance by Mark Dresser, who has dedicated his life largely to the study of bass playing, exploring, discovering and stretching the boundaries of the instrument.

Ville Herrala “Pu: 12″
– My dear colleagues great exploration in the world of solo bass.

Jarmo Savolainen Trio “Tea for Two”
– Jarmo Savolainen must not be forgotten, a great jazz composer and improviser. A fine, strongly personal and self-exploring interpretation of an old standard.

Mikko Innanen 10+ “Song For the New Decade”
– Mikko Innanen, a driving force in Finnish jazz, both as a saxophonist and as a composer. Always surprising and interesting. The song is stunning and strong in its simplicity.

Koma saxo “Koma Tema”
– The group led by Petter Eldh creates fresh and unique sounds like no other.

Find Quintet East at Bandcamp and more at We Jazz

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