Petra Vehviläinen

 Saaret are Joonatan Kotila, Janne Friman, Petra Vehviläinen and Alina Toivanen. They tell us of their playlist:

“Our band Saaret has written and recorded most of our forthcoming album on the island of Suomenlinna, off the coast of Helsinki. Sessions have taken place in a living room, a studio in the prison wall and in the navy officers’ ballroom. Our music has inevitably been inspired by aimlessly wandering on the outskirts of our home island in the autumn storms, in the creaking of packed ice and in the brightness of summer mornings. A tinkling from the shipyard, the shrieking of seagulls and the noise of the waves are naturally mixed through the headphones into this playlist that goes together well with tip-toeing on the cliffs, watching the carriers pass by and yet longing for somewhere else.

By the sea one often finds an eery melancholy – the breathtaking feeling of ending – but the longer you sway on the rocks, the perspective fades the inner crisis hotline and there remains earth, wind and water. And freezing ears. There’s also some kind of familiar passionate cacophony in the surges. Almost makes you want to drive your head deep beneath it all.

Here’s a soundtrack for a sentimental session of slacking on the shores”.

Listen to Saaret’s debut single ‘Goodbye Blue Belle’



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