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It’s competition time at OQM and we have a lovely addition to your Spring/Summer outfits up for grabs today (if the weather gets better of course).

Spoon have just released their 9th album, the very good Hot Thoughts. Thanks to the very generous people at Playground Music Finland, you could be the owner of a tote bag (pictured) featuring Christine Messersmith‘s stunning album cover design.

All you need to do to win the Spoon Tote Bag is drop us a line at [email protected], header the email ‘Spoon Comp’ and tell us the name of Spoon’s lead singer (and supply your postal address). How easy is that?

We have 15 of these, first name’s out of the proverbial/virtual hat get the bags!

NB: These are only available for our Finnish readers (sorry).

Spoon’s Hot Thoughts is out now.

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