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The daily grind can sometimes get to us all. As our lives become increasingly filled with all manner of distractions, it’s sometimes the smallest practical tools that we leave behind. Big Wave Riders new video for ‘Crest of A Wave’ details the versatility of the post-it note in acute detail; the instructions we take for granted only seem to register if we see it written down. It takes awhile for the actor in the video, Anton Ejov to realise this. Video director Raimo Saba notes: “We are not slaves to the demands of time, we are slaves to the demands we place on ourselves in the name of time.”

It helps that ‘Crest of A Wave’ drives forward with an unrelenting intensity. Big Wave Riders deliver a track that includes typical indie-guitar tropes, yet the band somehow make the most of that obvious sounding description. Those guitars sound fresh and exciting in a way we rarely hear right now. Another bonus for us the listener is how Big Wave Riders haven’t forgotten the art of the rousing sing along, ‘Crest Of A Wave’ ends in a triumphant wail. ‘Meet me in my fantasy, in the land of ochrasy’ indeed.

You can catch Big Wave Riders live in Helsinki this Month (22nd April) at Bar Loose 

We covered Big Wave Riders Endless Summer album last year


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