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White Balance – Girl

White Balance have created enough online buzz over the past year that when they drop a new song the internet and radio stations show considerable interest. Recent single ‘Girl’ is a case in point, with a positive reaction emanating from Europe and at home. The band consist of vocalist Maaria Nuoranne and producer Ilari Heinilä and create a dreamy mesh of poppy electronica, pristine in execution with shades of real dream wave.

‘Girl’ is no different in essence to what the band have created thus far, but pay extra attention as repeated listens brings extra infectiousness. In an unexpected way, ‘Girl’ is brash in its blatant pop overtures, and yes, this is a good thing. Nuoranne issues a rallying call “Girl is an anthem dedicated to all of you who, despite struggling, have the courage to trust your instincts“

The video, directed by Juho Länsiharju, features Nuoranne in an emptied swimming pool, growing in confidence as the song progresses. “The girls in the video are in fact my best friends. I wanted to show the people who continuously remind me of who I am” explains Nuoranne.

Girl is out now.


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