One Quart Magazine Playlist: The year in Music 2022

OQM contributor Nick Triani shares his year in music and some other cultural highlights from 2022.

OQM contributor Nick Triani shares his year in music and some other cultural highlights from 2022.


Drawing by Nick Triani

Listening back to this playlist I realised 2022 was a year where I needed comfort music more that anything else. Perhaps it was the nature of the times, where awful circumstances around the world created a sense of unease I hadn’t really felt before. It’s possible that living next door to an international aggressor made me fear for the safety of my family and those closest to me. New music felt a little stale at times, even though I found a lot I loved – that comfort in sound spread to music I was already familiar with.

I listened to more music than ever if my Last.FM is any indication. A rich relationship with Brazilian music continued. I listened to a lot of jazz and soundtrack music. Kate & Anna McGarrigle were artists I deep-dived into for the first time. Another new discovery was  Bridget St. John‘s discography, which was a revelation. John Renbourn’s music I revisited a lot along with other UK folk scene alumni. Various post-punk releases remain inspiring touchstones for me. I enjoyed a lot of early Prince, specifically Controversy, 1999 and For You albums. Other gems were Blondie‘s Against The Odds box set, Beach Boys Sail on, Sailor, Felt‘s discography remastered on CD, Dexys Too Rye Ay remix as well as The Beatles Revolver Mono remix. David Bowie‘s Divine Symmetry revisited one of my all time favourite albums (Hunky Dory) with aplomb. Yes, I’m hardly breaking any boundaries with these choices, but they all made me feel good.

New music that impressed a lot included Alex Izenberg‘s I’m Not Here, Nilüfer Yanya with Painless, Aldous Harding‘s Warm Chris, Alex G‘s God Save The Animals, and a real return to form from Bill Callahan with YTI⅃AƎЯ, Daniel Rossen‘s You Belong There and Cass McCombs small gem Heartmind. You could categorise all these releases as singer/songwriter if you’re lazy, but all of the above offer up more than mere genre distinctions. I strived for personal and intimate music in 2022.  Two new albums that really hit home were Cate Le Bon who continues to grow with the enlightening yet complicated Pompeii. Big Thief reached new peaks with the sprawling but always interesting Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You, which I listened to more than anything else in 2022.

Both of Aldous Harding and Big Thief supplied my live show highlights of the year when they visited Finland. I didn’t get out enough to shows this year, which I can assume is a reflection of post-covid come down/uncertainty and simply getting older and perhaps not enjoying that experience as much anymore.

The playlist has my new music favourites, older music I listened to a lot and some choice picks from artists that were important to me that passed away in 2022. Amongst all the tension and disappointment of 2022, we lost a lot of great musicians as well.

On streaming services Station Eleven, The Bear, The Responder and Slow Horses were series that I got addicted to. I watched a lot of films too, but apart from old friends nothing really changed the world for me. The Fire of Love documentary was a visual feast, reaffirmation of romance and highly recommended. Ethan Hawke’s The Last Movie Stars documentary/re-reading of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s life together was excellent.  Ryan Murphy’s The Andy Warhol Diaries was as good as anything I watched. Old episodes of NYPD Blue sustained like revisiting an old friend.

I struggled to read books this year. Still reading Blake Gopnik‘s excellent Warhol biography, Sam Wasson‘s The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Years of Hollywood is entertaining. Again I was in graphic novel mode with lots of Judge Dredd and retro 2000AD, various volumes of Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman, Garth Ennis‘s Battle/Action update were all fun. Alan Moore‘s Providence was disturbing yet somehow beautiful. Sight And Sound remains the benchmark for magazines – high quality writing abounds with a new focus on feminism and equality making the magazine more than just a film experience.

One Quart Magazine Playlist: The year in Music 2022

Nick Triani is an editor and contributor to One Quart Magazine.

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