One Quart’s Holiday Season: present tips

If you need some fresh ideas for gifts this Holiday Season, look no further. One Quart contributors offer their personal favorites – what they'll be giving or hoping to receive.

If you need some fresh ideas for gifts this Holiday Season, look no further. One Quart contributors offer their personal favorites – what they'll be giving or hoping to receive.

Holiday presents

Juulia Niiniranta

Today we’ll give into a little Holiday season freak-out in the way of offering you our personal favorites for presents to give or receive. These ideas come from the One Quart writers with their personal recommendations. At the end of this listing, you’ll find our favorite charities to donate to.

Pinja Niemi

teenage engineering
These great mini step sequencers from Teenage Engineering fit in your pocket, produce studio quality sound and are really affordable at 69€. It may look like a toy but don’t let the looks fool you. There are 6 different ones, so if the gift recipient likes the first one, you have the next 5 gifts covered too!

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Coffee subscription from Square Mile Coffee Roasters is a great gift for that coffee lover in your life. Once a month they receive a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans in the mail. The monthly coffee may be a tasty blend from the existing range, a preview of a new coffee, or a small micro lot exclusive to the subscribers. You may choose between beans for filter method or espresso.



Ampoids makes little miniature speakers from used mint tins. There are ones for guitars and your phone or mp3 player. And they come with the candy scent, so choose wisely!

gnome ent
Why not get a cool T-shirt made in Brooklyn, New York by Gnome Enterprises. Animals, robots and other cool things hand printed on quality t-shirts.


Astrid Swan

I’m really good at dreaming of what I would get all my friends and family and myself if money was no limit. Here’s how it might go:
perfect linen
I would buy this lovely pinafora apron from notPERFECTLINEN for my lovely friend who loves to sing and dance.


I’d give this Talavera butter dish to my friend who is going through hard times and needs a pick-me-up and something hand made.

jaimes lullaby
These safe wooden playtoy vegetables from JaimesLullaby would be lovely for my latest toddler friend.

For myself I’d love to receive a real vintage boucherouite rug to add warmth and color to the long winter days still ahead. This one’s from BOUCHERUITE.

Fiacha Harrington

My first recommendation is a gift I would give myself: I will be picking up a copy of the extended edit of the Suicide Squad movie on DVD. I enjoyed the movie so I am looking forward to sitting down with some gingerbread and a mug on alcohol free glögi over Xmas and watching this. For those of you interested in what that extended edit consists of check out this article in the Washington Post.

Sticking with DC and comic book movies I will be wishing for Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice the extended version. This is my favourite comic book movie in recent years. I do not understand a lot of the bad press it got and there was all this talk of how it was a flop when it made upwards of 870 million. For more on that check out this article in THE WRAP

I won’t just be sitting at home watching DVDs, but like many other, I will be queueing to go see Rogue One: A star wars story. Reserve those tickets!

supremasist: a novel

Supremacist: a novel

My book recommendation is Supremacist: A Novel by David Shapiro. You don’t have to be a fan of Supreme to enjoy this semi-autobiographical story about a man who travels to visit all the supreme stores, which are mainly in Japan. It’s easy to get your hands on a copy. In Finland go the bookstore Nide and if they don’t have a copy, check out the book’s own website.

phil spector
Finally, my music gift suggestions is A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector.

Nick Triani

This Sufjan Stevens box set is a real sweet stocking filler and for five cd’s of festive tunes at 15€ presents a serious bargain to boot. Your Xmas will never sound this good!

One Quart Present idea
Good Will

Here’s a list of charities to donate to. Let’s make this time of the year a time of giving especially to those in desperate need and a time of caring for the planet and everyone on it.

Amnesty International



Suomen Punainen Risti SPR

Seta ry

Naisten Linja

Hope – Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry

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Juulia Niiniranta

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