Johannes Romppanen

Love is in the air #40 – New York 7/10

When I was planning my trip to New York, I put a message on my facebook wall asking for suggestions on people to meet. Emilia Lahti connected me with Maria Alma – it ended up being a true blessing. She offered me a place to stay and she spread the word – with the results that half of the recorded talks are somehow connected to her. So she kind of became a producer, it was exactly what I needed. Here we sit down at her home one late evening, she speaks about her friendship with Moyo, who is imprisoned and sentenced to death. They became pen pals and they also created an exhibition, ‘Buddhas on Death Row’ – showing a series of Buddha portraits made by Moyo. He has an important message: “I have committed some grave acts in my life and I will never be able to undo them. Yet the very least I can do is to improve myself.”

Here is more information about Maria, Moyo and their project from a post made in 2016, and also the actual project website.

Sound and mastering by Jyri Pirinen.

Johannes profile portrait by Maria Sann

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