Anna Jokela

I have to use public transport almost daily and my headphones have been the security blanket for getting through those loud and noisy bus, train or tram rides. Since the headphones broke, I’ve had to focus my concentration on something else to block out the disturbing sounds. So I started listening to people.

Episode Two


A few elderly ladies are travelling home from choir practice and discuss the session.

Elderly lady 1 – Did I sing too loud?


Elderly lady 2 – No no, Annikki said that it’s good that
someone sings louder while some others sing quieter.


Elderly lady 1 – Yes, and you see, Asta and Oili sing quiet. And Anja, no wait, it’s Eeva. Eeva also sings louder.


Elderly lady 2 – But it’s always good to have a soprano.


Elderly lady 1 – Yes, that is true.



Then they all burst into song – an old Finnish folk tune.


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