One Quart editorial recommends Autumn 2016

The One Quart editorial staff pick some of the best music, movies, books and art to check out this autumn.

The One Quart editorial staff pick some of the best music, movies, books and art to check out this autumn.

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Kaarlo Stauffer

Nick Triani

Alan Moore: Jerusalem. The second novel from the Northampton bard is longer than the bible and being described as either the greatest literary work by anyone in decades or an over indulgent failure. Can’t wait to struggle to finish this one. 

Jerusalem Alan Moore


Eztv: High In Place (Captured Tracks). Part early Teenage Fanclub, part Belle & Sebastian and led by Ezra Tenenbaum the second EZTV album is indie bliss. Features Jenny Lewis and members of Real Estate too.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The Star Wars universe grows with this spin off featuring a pre-A New Hope storyline. We get Darth Vader back on our screens too – can’t wait.

Fiacha Harrington

September 27th is the release for Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, “Born To Run”. The book will be available in multiple formats ranging from hardcover to audio books. Springsteen has been working on the book for several years and covers his career from the early days in New Jersey and his rise to fame with the E Street Band. The book will be released by Otava in Finland. Prior to the book release there is the accompanying soundtrack album Chapter and Verse – an 18 track compilation that includes five previously unreleased tracks. The album is released on the 23rd September.

Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen


Skeleton Tree: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is out now. This is the band’s sixteenth studio album. The album was preceded with the docu- concert movie ‘One More Time With Feeling’ which had a limited cinema release a couple of weeks ago. Skeleton Tree has been recorded over the last couple of years in England and France. Watch the video for ‘I Need You’ which is taken from One More Time With Feeling.

Supremacist (a novel): David Shapiro. The book is a semi fictitious tale of a young man in his mid twenties who sets out to visit all of the Supreme clothing stores around the world (there aren’t very many). Being a big Supreme fan myself I really enjoyed the book and was able to relate to the protagonist and his obsession. Shapiro rose to fame or rather infamy when he wrote Flipping Supreme in 2013 for The New Yorker magazine, if you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend you check it out.

Supremacist a novel by David Shapiro
Pinja Niemi
Alakultuuritalo: Sturenkatu 4, 00510 Helsinki. A new art club opens in the basement of Kulttuuritalo, which has previously been closed to the public. First event 1.10.2016 features the band Kyyn Eleet and art exhibition by Jaakko Nousiainen. Tickets cost 6€.
Aino Vennan Joulu: Aino Venna, Anna Venna releases a Christmas album Aino Vennan Joulu on 18.11.2016. The album is a nice change compared to all those traditional Christmas albums. Check out the teaser below.
Astrid Swan

The Diary of A Teenage Girl,  is the movie of the month in Elokuvateatteri Orion. This film seems like a fun date with girlfriends to see how our awkward teenage years would have looked like in the 1970s.

Lidia Yuknavitch: Ok, so technically Lidia Yuknavitch is publishing her next book in 2017 and this recommendation should not appear on an autumn recommendation list, but here’s the thing: you need to spend your rainy cold gray days in bed with her other books, such as The Small Backs of Children (2015) and the memoir Chronology of Water (2011). Now, this autumn. She’ll break you down in a good way.



John Grant: 11.11.2016  live at The Circus, Helsinki. If you must go out, go out to see John Grant mix irony with love like no other.

Petri Poutiainen

AutechreLive at  Tavastia 14.11 Experimental & Beautiful music. Autechre were one of the key acts in the whole IDM Scene of the 90’s, but their overall sound escapes genre definitions.


Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto No. 2 & Bruckner’s Fifth Symphony: Perfect combination of light & shade from the original sad boys. The performance is on the 14th October at Musiikkitalo, Konserttisali.

Erkka Filander: Torso, another example of how Finnish poetry is still strong and evolving.




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