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Sally Rumble

Love is in the air #35 – Lovepodcast New York 2/10 I meet with Sally at her home, just a few weeks before she was ending her job as Chief Happiness Officer at CreativeMornings. She now takes a leap into her calling as a civil rights activist. Sally is inspiring others with her work, showing up and speaking up. She is focusing on the black community and when she’s asked the question why she is doing this work, the answer is simple: seeing the pain of close friends suffering leads to action. The motivation for the work she does is love. So she is a natural choice for my podcast. Sally is actually the first person that I’ve done an episode with twice, this one is from 2016 and gives some insight into the background and awakening of her activism, I recommend you listen to that too!

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I found this article that was written just a month after our meeting, also a good read!

Sound and mastering by Jyri Pirinen.

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