juhannus 2017

Olavi Ahonen / Helsingin kaupunginmuseo

Karstein Volle

My suggestion:

Lotta Savolainen

My suggestion is to have breakfast at Hakaniementori. That’s my family’s tradition. There’s always a cool duet (an accordionist and a double bass player) getting you into the groove of Juhannus!

Pinja Niemi

Thursday 22.6. You can start your Juhannus with Saimaa and their new Jam session club which can be found at Teurastamo: Saimaa presents: Teurajamit

Friday 23.6. Enjoy a more traditional Finnish midsummer in Kivinokka with Dallapé

Friday 23.6. If you’d like a little more of an urban feel for the whole family and cool happenings head to Lapinlahden Lähde.

Friday 23.6. There is free sauna and swimming at the groovy Allas Sea Pool.

Friday to Saturday 23.-24.6. Valtteri Festivaali in Tullikamari & Telakka, Tampere offers you an urban feel in Finland’s second largest city with sauna, stand-up and many great live bands including Iisa, Talmud Beach, Litku Klemetti.

Nick Triani

Stadin Juhannus is a pretty neat festival that happens over midsummer on the Lonna island. Lots of your fave domestic indie, pop and hip hop artists are playing at what looks like rather idyllic surroundings.

Whilst you’re waiting for Sofia Coppola‘s new movie, the remake of The Beguiled, it’s worth trying to catch Don Siegel‘s 1971 original (if you can find it), where the still alive Clint Eastwood stars as an injured and randy Union soldier who manages to charm the inhabitants of an all-girl boarding school. A genuinely creepy and quirky Southern Gothic classic which makes for great midsummer viewing.

And one final movie tip. Jean Luc Goddard‘s 1967 car-crash fantasy Weekend is perfect for midsummer madness. This blackest of comedies doesn’t always make much sense but looks great. Watch it here:


Have a great and safe Juhannus. See you next week!

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