Fiacha Harrington

Fiacha Harrington

One Quart Magazine Midsummer/Juhannus recommendations.

Midsummer Festival in Battery Park, New York , 24th June

The Swedish Consulate in New York are bringing their annual Midsummer festival downtown today. Very traditional activities for the whole family include pole dancing, making summer wreaths, live music and picnicking in the grass. More details via FB and here.

Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires, Helsinki, 24th June. Tickets 20€ (children under 15 free)

Seurasaari Island host their annual midsummer bonfires. It is a very traditional Juhannus celebration for everybody. The fun starts at 4pm and goes on til 1am. Find out more about the bonfires  here  and the day’s programme here.

Juhannus kirppis Hakaniemen tori, Helsinki, Sunday the 26th June.

After taking it easy on a long midsummer weekend, you’re probably raring to get out of the house by Sunday. Helsinki can be a pretty empty place during Juhannus – especially on Sunday mornings – so a 9am Midsummer flea market may just be the thing. FB page is here. You may even still be able to rent a table to sell your old treasures here.

Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK 22-26th June.

Glastonbury Festival lays claim to being the most diverse and well known music festival around. The festival offers millions of things to do and enjoy in addition to the music. Don’t go if you don’t have a ticket (you wont get in) – and take some very resistant welly boots if you do have a ticket. Those with access to the BBC iPlayer can watch live broadcasts throughout the weekend.

Strawberry Picnic Cake by Astrid

Astrid Swan

Astrid Swan

If you want to make a quick cake and go outside to enjoy sweetness with your midsummer’s fresh air, why not go for something easy, like this Strawberry Picnic Cake that Astrid Swan has relied on for years.
This isn’t a fancy cake – it’s fun and delish!

400g Digestive biscuits (crushed)
100g butter (melted)
1 litre of strawberries  (other berries work nicely too)
200g of mascarpone cheese
4dl whipped cream
1,5dl dusting sugar
some vanilla (extract or real)
lemon juice to taste (a couple of tbs)

1. Melt the butter and combine to biscuit crumble.
2. Cover your chosen cake tin with the biscuit and butter mix. Press it down to form a base.
3. Bake the base for 8 minutes in the oven (200° C). Let cool while making the cream.
4. Whip the cream and mix the mascarpone into it.
5. Add dusting sugar, lemon juice and vanilla into the mix.
6. Cut about half of the strawberries in thin slices and arrange on the biscuit base.
7. Scoop the cheese mix on top of the strawberries
8. Decorate the cake with whole or half strawberries

Leave the house and have a party!

Bonus Activity
Alternatively, you could indulge in some seriously creepy Paganism. The original The Wicker Man movie will satisfy your urges.

Thanks: Kati, Pinja, Mark, Fiacha, Susanna, Nick, Astrid.

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