Juha Jernvall / Helsingin kaupunginmuseo

Things to do for Vappu. First off stay home and avoid the chaos on the streets. Stock up on potato chips, vegan nakki (sausage) and sima and watch The Handmaid’s Tale on HBO Nordic. If for some reason you venture out please don’t urinate in public (a nasty Finnish Vappu Tradition). And if you do wind up urinating in public don’t make the mistake of getting caught on camera and ending up on social media. I would advise to stay home. And don’t forget the potato salad and munkki. – Fiacha Harrington


Acts of Care

Vappuaattona, skippaa keskusta, tai matkalla sinne käy kokemassa Sörkässä Acts of Care. Hoivaa kaikille, jotka ovat huolissaan maailman tuhoutumisesta. – Lotta Savolainen


We Love Helsinki Vapputanssit, Korjaamo

Agit Propin Vappukonsertti, Kulttuuritalo

For those willing to go out, these are classic events in Helsinki. – Pinja Niemi


The only right thing to do is obviously to stay at home with your cat. – Joel Kupiainen


A big balloon for the kids is becoming a definite feature of the Finnish May Day and it seems to be a time honoured tradition in our household. I’d also recommend staying clear of Kaisaniemi Park during Vappu, it often resembles a scene from the last days of the Borgias. – Nick Triani


Jeremy Irons survives a visit to Kaisaniemi Park sometime around the mid-1400s


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