Sarika Krishan

Sarika Krishan

Love is in the air #42 – New York 9/10

One evening of my New York trip, I guess I was pushing this a little, I remember being very tired. I was going to meet Sarika and Krishan, again a contact made through Maria. As with all these meetings, I was not really knowing what to expect, just arriving to a new space with an open heart. And once again, this was a magical meeting.

We shared our experiences of relationships, how to foster them even through difficult times. I talk about my experience as a father of three kids, the youngest one having special needs and spending a lot of time in the hospital and how to foster the partnership in periods of life when you don’t really see each other that often. As I state in the discussion: “Life isn’t perfect and it is not supposed to be.” We start the discussion with the story of Sarika and Krishan and how they met. I then share my experiences of my life and what my daughter Lilja has taught me about love and gratitude.

Sound and mastering by Jyri Pirinen.

Johannes profile portrait by Maria Sann

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