Anna Jokela

I have to use public transport almost daily and my headphones have been the security blanket for getting through those loud and noisy bus, train or tram rides. Since the headphones broke, I’ve had to focus my concentration on something else to block out the disturbing sounds. So I started listening to people.

Episode three

A couple in their sixties are having a phlegmatic conversation.

– Is this our stop? Or is it the next one? Here?

– No, the next one.

– We’re getting off?

– No, not yet.

– Sports bar, Ikea… Ikea bus just went there.

– I wonder if it goes to Espoo or the other one.

– I bet it goes to Espoo.

– Let’s get off at the next stop. Wait, no this goes the other way. We should have gotten off at the last one.

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