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Astrid Swan

I am a co-founder, editor and a writer at One Quart Magazine. I am also a songwriter and a performer. I am passionate about feminism, writing, equality, the future, gender, beauty and buckwheat.

Astrid's Contributions

Fake Interview: Patti Smith

Astrid Swan went to Flow 2018 to see Patti Smith, Lauryn Hill, Charlotte Gainsbourg and many other wonderful women do their magic. In this fake interview with Patti Smith, she imagines a phone conversation ahead of Smith’s appearance at Flow. ...

Confessions of an Anxious Memoirist

This is a talk Astrid Swan gave at Creative Mornings Helsinki on January 26th. She discusses anxiety as fuel which drives her everyday being and her new role as a chronically ill memoirist at the age of 36....

One Quart at One

It has been a year since One Quart Magazine started to publish online. To celebrate this milestone co-founders Nick Triani and Astrid Swan discuss what they have learned, what lies ahead and what they are struggling with....

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