Fiacha Harrington


Fiacha Harrington

Fiacha Harrington, I am freelance writer and editor living in Helsinki. My goal at One Quart magazine is to write on a broad spectrum of topics but my central role is as international editor.

Fiacha's Contributions

Samuli Heimonen

Going To The Movies – Love & Anarchy Edition

In this semi-regular series, Fiacha Harrington previews current and forthcoming cinema attractions. This special edition features Fiacha's recommendations for Finland’s biggest film festival, the 30th Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy. ...

Inside Indigofera

Fiacha Harrington follows up his Personal Style feature with head of sales for Indigofera, Kari Salmela – this time focusing directly on the clothes brand....

Inside My O My’s The Men

Following his interview about Personal Style, Fiacha Harrington sits down with My O My’s The Men new manager Tuomas Vuorensola. They discuss the store, changes, and the future. ...


A look inside Pinkomo

Following on from his My Personal Style interview from last year, Fiacha Harrington talks denim and more with Helsinki's leading menswear store proprietor, Mikko Sorvala of Pinkomo....

Tytti Roto

Personal Style

Following on from their Indie Music Style features, Fiacha Harrington discusses personal style with Nick Triani. Triani, 50, is a music professional and OQM editor who grew up in London but now lives and works in Helsinki....

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