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Vanessa Forstén: White Privilege

Vanessa Forstén – Menorrhoea

Emilia Pennanen haastattelee valokuvataiteilija Vanessa Forsténia hänen kuukautisia käsittelevän Menorrhoea-yksityisnäyttelynsä tiimoilta. Näyttely on esillä 1.–15.12.2017 Asbestos Art Spacessa Helsingissä....

Permanent Record: #1 Pixies: Surfer Rosa (1988)

In this new series for One Quart Magazine, Karstein Volle and Nick Triani visualize and discuss moments on records that give an extra meaning and experience; records so firmly embedded we don't need to listen to them anymore. In this first dispatch, Black Francis' off-mic exclamation means so much more....


Welcome to Humanz. Illustrator Antony ‘Griff’ Griffiths presents his satirical and unique vision. This week A Humanz Special Presidential Inauguration Edition!...

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