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Confessions of an Anxious Memoirist

This is a talk Astrid Swan gave at Creative Mornings Helsinki on January 26th. She discusses anxiety as fuel which drives her everyday being and her new role as a chronically ill memoirist at the age of 36....

The A to Z of Music : A is for ABC

In this new series – The A-Z of Music, Nick Triani guides us through his personal musical alphabet picking artists, albums and songs that he loves. A is for ABC and their Lexicon of Love album. ...

Tales from the Bus

Welcome to Tales From The Bus, an occasional series where Anna Jokela makes her regular travels more bearable by listening in. Episode three features a couple in their sixties having a phlegmatic conversation....

Good Life Coffee, Lauri Pipinen

Kofeiinikertomuksia: Good Life Coffee

Kofeiinikertomuksia on uusi juttusarja, jossa toimittaja Ia Tanskanen esittelee kiinnostavia paikkoja ja henkilöitä kahvin maailmasta. Ensimmäisessä osassa esitellään kalliolainen kahvila Good Life Coffee ja sen omistaja Lauri Pipinen....

Are you ready for 2018?

Nick Triani ushers in the new year with some personal thoughts and resolutions while wondering if he’s even ready for some of the challenges 2018 might bring...

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