One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #37

This weeks playlist is audacious in its genre hopping carefreeness. Our curator's selections feature Hurray For The Riff Raff, Perfume Genius, Aleks Xhelili, Ty Segall, Future, Power Trip and Ghost World whilst engaging with many others.

Kaarlo Stauffer

One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #37
Austra – I Love You More Than You Love Yourself

Selected by Maarit Laitinen

Hurray For The Riff Raff – Hungry Ghost

I only just discovered Alynda Segarra AKA Hurray For The Riff Raff and I am in love. This song is from her fresh new album The Navigator – a concept album about gentrification. Astrid Swan

Hurray For The Riff Raff – Pa’lante

This song is my favorite song in 2017 so far by a mile. Astrid Swan

Perfume Genius – Slip Away

Selected by Maarit Laitinen

Liima – Amerika

I’m looking forward to their gig this week. Maarit Laitinen

a concept album about gentrification

Kaarlo Stauffer

Brala moma ruja cvete – muz.St Mutafchiev, BWVFE TCVETNITCA

This resonates with me in happiness and sorrow. Emmi Kujanpää

Aleks Xhelili – Vallja e dados

Such lively and emotional clarinet playing in this Albanian song. Emmi Kujanpää

Ty Segall – Black Magick

Ty Segall is just amazing. Heidi Soikkeli

Tennis – My Emotions Are Blinding

I loved the 2012 album Young & Old, after that I kind of forgot the band. This new single makes me dream of summer. Heidi Soikkeli

James Blake – My Willing Heart

James Blake is always great. On top of that this video is such a beauty. Heidi Soikkeli

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Hope The High Road

Five years ago Jason Isbell was in the gutter with a free falling career. Two excellent post-rehab album later turned things around and now Isbell is one of the most respected Americana artist. This is the advance from his new rocking and rolling album, out in June. Eduardo Alonso

Old 97’s feat. Brandi Carlile – Good With God

One of my favourite rock albums this year so far. Witty lyrics and cowpunk lick. Eduardo Alonso

Five years ago Jason Isbell was in the gutter with a free falling career.

Kaarlo Stauffer

Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Selected by Astrid Swan

Future – Use Me

Talking about modern music, I wasn’t very impressed by Drake‘s More Life. Wherein that self-described “playlist” felt predictable and kind of boring, Future’s 2017 started with two great Billboard-topping albums, full of creative elements and unique beauty. This cut is from the soothing, mellow HNDRXX -album. Petri Poutiainen

Migos – What The Price

Migos is also one of the finest examples of how wonderfull music in 2017 is. Such inventiveness, history in the making. Petri Poutiainen

Ghost World – Good Riddance

This song goes great with the spring. Love the hooks, the sound, the vocals. There are so much great acts in the finnish music scene right now, and Ghost World surely is one of the finest. Petri Poutiainen

Power Trip – Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)

About a month ago I realized I was way too out of shape and started going to the gym, mostly running. Looking for new music to run to, I came across this record. Running or not – it kicks ass. Paltsa-Kai Salama

I wasn’t very impressed by Drake‘s More Life. Wherein that self-described “playlist” felt predictable and kind of boring

This week’s playlist selected by Maarit Laitinen, Astrid Swan, Emmi Kujanpää, Heidi Soikkeli, Eduardo Alonso, Petri Poutiainen and Paltsa-Kai Salama.

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