One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #32

The One Quart Magazine Playlist is a weekly selection of music picked by various One Quart contributors. It’s our take on what’s spinning on the office stereo. New cuts from Beyoncé, Moby, Animal Collective and Mount Eerie mixed with oldies from REM, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Linton Kwesi Johnson and much more.

Kaarlo Stauffer

One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #32
Beyoncé- Love Drought

The new video from Beyoncé, ‘Love Drought’ is taken from last year’s Lemonade. Fiacha Harrington

Ghost Thoughts – David: My Father’s Father’s Father

My knowledge of Dutch indie (I think they’re Dutch) is not great, but I really love this new track (and video) from Ghost Thoughts (which is also a great name for a band). Understated yet mysterious, ‘David: My Father’s Father’s Father’ is the kind of indie sound that band’s seem too nervous to indulge in nowadays. No crash bang wallop, just subtle murmurings and a beautiful track. Nick Triani

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – A Simple Love

Moby has long been an animal activist but probably never witnessed as directly as in this video from his new album with The Void Pacific Choir. The track ‘Simple Love’ is taken from their debut album These Systems Are Failing. Fiacha Harrington

Animal Collective – Kinda Bonkers

Animal Collective released a new EP The Painters last Friday and preceded the release with this new track ‘Kinda Bonkers.’ Yes, it’s in some ways a typical AC cut but also the most straight ahead track they’ve put out in a while. That new directness really works. Nick Triani

Sturgill Simpson – All Around You

The country record of last year and Grammy winner. Fiacha Harrington

St. Tropez – Which Side Are You On

More of that nice Dutch indie action. Anna Jokela

Lady Gaga – John Wayne

Gaga’s country track from her recent Joanne album. Fiacha Harrington

Grouper – Headache

Something new from the old Portland crew. Paul Flanders

Mount Eerie – Ravens

Lovely new song from Mount Eerie. Phil Elverum (aka Mount Eerie) has a new album A Crow Looked At Me coming this spring, which deals with the death of his wife who passed away last year. ‘Ravens’ is especially poignant, and the video incredibly moving. Nick Triani

Conor Oberst – The Big Picture

All I can say is what a great voice he has. Fiacha Harrington

Kaarlo Stauffer

Fire – Father`s Name Is Dad

A kickass tune. Karstein Volle

Peter Skellern – You’re A Lady

When I was a kid and Radio One was always on at home, Peter Skellern’s ‘You’re a Lady’ was a listening staple. Great arrangement here, RIP Peter. Nick Triani

Sebadoh – Rebound

Selected by Mark B. Odom

R.E.M. – Stand

Such a brilliant piece of 1980’s indie pop joy. Remember when this came out, they played two nights at Rockefeller, Oslo. I was too young and too broke to risk buying a ticket and sneaking in.
Finally saw them in Stockholm in 2008 and Stipe looked bored out of his mind. Karstein Volle

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Cities In Dust
Sisters of Mercy – Temple of Love
The Cure – Lullaby

This week’s triple play is a few different ‘goth cuts’. Most people have a very clear idea of what ‘goth’ is, but perhaps we should acknowledge what a broad spectrum of music is covered by the genre – ranging from pop,electro, rock and metal. Fiacha Harrington

APB – Palace Filled With Love

APB have disappeared from view (history). This bit of post-punk-funk still sounds great, and the band developed into a fine pop band in the early 1980’s (with a decidedly indie flavor). Nick Triani

Earth and Fire – Memories

This is my favourite Dutch record. Billy Brentford

Kaarlo Stauffer

Dad – Every Father Is a Motherfucker

My old dad punk ensemble. Karstein Volle

Carole Bayer Sager – You’re Moving Out Today

So in 1977 it was still possible to have quirky hits, like Carole Bayer Sager’s bouncy ‘You’re Moving Out Today’ …a fun cut. Nick Triani

Loretta Lynn – Lay Me Down

Two of country music’s all time greats come together for this beautiful track. Fiacha Harrington

Mick Farren – I Want a Drink

I just think, I want a drink! Antti Vallius

Dean Friedman – Lucky Stars

MOR nirvana. I still have a soft spot for Dean Friedman. Wonderful. Nick Triani

Linton Kwesi Johnson – Fite Dem Back

Selected by Jaakko Mattila


Selected by Fiacha Harrington

John Miles – Music

When I was 10 , you might have found me playing air guitar to John Miles ‘Music’. I havn’t heard this in years. Listening back after all this time,  three things strike me; 1) how awful this is: a song from a muso in love with playing his music 2) before punk there was prog in my life (who knew?) 3) Five minutes of this kind of nonsense obviously wasn’t too long for the radio or charts in those days. Nick Triani


This week’s playlist was put together by: Nick Triani, Fiacha Harrington, Karstein Volle, Jaakko Mattila, Anna Jokela, Antti Vallius, Paul Flanders, Mark B. Odom and Billy Brentford.

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