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Kicking around Funland

For those who knew, Fun were one of the greatest underground bands to ever come out of Helsinki. Now, on the eve of their live return, Joel Kupiainen examines what made Fun so special in the first place....

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On the day Godspeed You! Black Emperor visit Helsinki, Karstein Volle gives a short and probably wrong intro to post-rock. Maybe one of the most unassuming subgenres of rock – decades after it’s high water mark, it refuses to die....

The Residents’ Mysterious Archivist

When a band are as secretive as The Residents – it’s understandable that the identity of their archivist would be a mystery too. One Quart Magazine talks exclusively to The Residents’ Mysterious Archivist about communications with the band and working on their reissues. ...

One Quart Magazine Playlist: Liima

The One Quart Playlist returns with a track selection by Rasmus Stolberg from the mostly Danish but a bit Finnish construct of Liima. Their new '1982' album is out and Liima are in Finland this coming weekend to thrill you live. ...

The A to Z of Music : A is for ABC

In this new series – The A-Z of Music, Nick Triani guides us through his personal musical alphabet picking artists, albums and songs that he loves. A is for ABC and their Lexicon of Love album. ...

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