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Äänet Päässämme: Mikko Joensuu

“Äänet Päässämme” podcast-sarjassa voi tutustua upeiden ja inspiroivien laulunkirjoittajien erilaisiin tapoihin tehdä musiikkia. Tämän kerran vieras on muusikko Mikko Joensuu. Read more

It was 50 years ago today and we won’t ever hear the last of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Nick Triani delves into the world of The Beatles' Sgt.Pepper at 50 and wonders why pop music no longer seems to capture our imagination as it once did. Read more

Erkki Kurenniemi

Remembering Erkki Kurenniemi

Juha Huuskonen pays tribute to his friend Erkki Kurenniemi – inventor, utopist, artist, engineer, film maker, composer, instrument builder and polymath. Read more


ATK – Maksimaalinen huipputulos minimaalisin ponnistuksin

Miehet bändeistä kuten Viikate, Eläkeläiset, Stam1na, Kumikameli ja Koljosen Tiekiista perustivat etäbändin, jonka tavoitteena oli "ettei nähdä ikinä". Read more


One Quart Magazine Playlist: Kaarlo Stauffer

This week’s playlist comes from one of One Quart Magazine’s visionaries, regular contributor, Kaarlo Stauffer. Read more

Ringa Manner

Äänet Päässämme: Ringa Manner

Uudessa "Äänet Päässämme" podcast-sarjassa voi tutustua upeiden ja inspiroivien laulunkirjoittajien erilaisiin tapoihin tehdä musiikkia. Ensimmäisessä osassa vieraana on Ringa Manner. Read more

One Quart Magazine Playlist: Monday Blues

This weeks playlist is handed over to One Quart first timer Maarit Laitinen. Her 'Monday Blues' selection is perfect for today whilst offering a very good mix of old and new. Read more

One Quart Magazine Recommends Sideways Festival 2017

Sideways Festival returns for the third time this year in Helsinki. Various One Quarters give their recommendations, which you can read whilst listening to our hand-picked 25 track Sideways playlist! Read more

playlist punk rock

One Quart Magazine Playlist: 50 x Punk Rock Don’t Stop

Aleksi Pahkalan ultimaattinen sukellus punk-rockin maailmaan. 50 biisiä musaa jollaista ei enää tehdä. Ota oppia, tee paremmin. Keskisormi pystyyn, kun siltä tuntuu! Read more

Playlist : Pylon King

One Quart Magazine Playlist: 24 songs that made me want to start a band by Pylon King

UK based producer and musician Pylon King takes us on a formative musical adventure with this week's playlist. '24 songs that made me want to start a band' features well known and more obscure gems from the punk... Read more

Dj Fiskars: Japan Only

After a recent trip to Japan, Dj Fiskars feels inspired and goes deep into J-pop, guiding you through some of his favourite artists. Read more

Sugar Coat

The One Quart Interview: Sugar Coat

Sugar Coat are going about business on their own terms. The UK based three piece band are about to release their debut album in early June. Radio 1 described them as “The best British pop group of the year without... Read more

One Quart playlist: Cover Me in Comfort by Astrid Swan

This week's playlist is compiled by Astrid Swan with fragility and necessary comfort in mind. Read more

OQM Competition: Win Ásgeir cd + 7″vinyl + picture book

Today at One Quart Magazine we're giving away a couple of rare and deluxe packages of Ásgeir's new album Afterglow. *Swoon* Read more


One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #43

Viikottainen soittolistamme sooloilee! Tämän viikon listan on laatinut Lotta Savolainen. Kesää odottavalta listalta löytyy mm Chaka Khan, Ceebrolistics ja The Avalanches. Read more

One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #42

Our weekly playlist has arrived, with new and old cuts making the mix. Shabazz Palaces, The Lemonheads, Splash, Moloko, Grandmaster Flash, The Cairo Gang and Half Man Half Biscuit feature – as selected by various... Read more


OQM Competition: win Spoon tote bags!

WIN WIN WIN! You could have the coolest tote in town this summer if you enter the OQM Spoon Tote Bag competition! Read more

mika vainio

All Sound

Vesa Vehviläinen pays tribute to one of Finland's true originals, the influential musician, composer and producer Mika Vainio, who passed away earlier this month. Read more

One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #41

A brand new selection of sonic delights await you with our weekly playlist. Kendrick Lamar, Flume, Beach Fossils, Fred Thomas and Lillie Mae are amongst the selections. Read more

ingeborg oktober

The One Quart Interview with Ingeborg Oktober from Likholmen

Astrid Swan interviews Ingeborg Oktober from Norwegian audiovisual band Likholmen who play in Helsinki and Tampere this week. They discuss influences, lyrics, sound and feeling. Read more

One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #40

Our latest weekly playlist brings us hip hop, alt country, AOR, soul, indie, weird folk, electronica, torch songs, dream pop and more. As selected by various One Quarters. Read more

Big Wave Riders

Premiere: Big Wave Riders – Crest Of A Wave

One Quart Magazine gives you the official premiere of Big Wave Riders energetic and entertaining new video for Crest Of A Wave. Read more

One Quart Magazine Weekly Playlist #39

Our latest Weekly playlist manages to entice different feelings from our curators. Either making them rock, do the house chores, soundtrack ice hockey play-offs, feel better through sadness and sing their tax returns... Read more

frida hyvönen

The One Quart Interview with Frida Hyvönen

Ahead of Frida Hyvönen’s Helsinki performance on Tuesday 11th of April, Astrid Swan asks Frida about her latest album Kvinnor och Barn, making music as a mother, language and current inspirations. Read more

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