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Ruskeat tytöt

Ruskeat Tytöt

Tässä kirja-arviossa Aura Sevón pohtii Koko Hubaran esseekokoelmaa Ruskeat Tytöt (Like 2017) ja siitä kumpuavia teemoja. Sevón myös osallistuu keskusteluun, jota kirjan teemoista on käyty ja viitoittaa keskusteluihin,... Read more


Karstein Volle's 24 hour comic strip challenge resulted in this brand new and deeply personal strip, Wires. Read more

40 years of Thrill Power: celebrating 2000 AD (Part One)

Recently celebrating its 40th anniversary, Nick Triani looks back at how the British comic 2000 AD started his life-long love of the strip. In this first of two parts he returns to the origins of an enduring classic. Read more



Karstein Volle presents Bang! Originally created as a reaction to Israeli overreach, this one page strip could easily apply to current EU and US policies. Read more

Cat Marnell – How to Murder Your Life

Drug memoir meets chick-lit in Cat Marnell’s How to Murder Your Life, and a few words about party girls, addiction and a little something called The Truth. Read more

grant and i

Grant & I by Robert Forster

Robert Forster’s memoir, based on his life in The Go-Betweens and his relationship with his former band mate, the late Grant McLennan, strikes a personal chord with Nick Triani. Includes bumper The Go-Betweens... Read more


As the mighty Swans return to Helsinki's Tavastia club next week, Karstein Volle revisits the band's last performance at the legendary venue. Just remember to take your earplugs! Read more


The Date

When you're trying to fix up a date on Tinder, the thought of coming across a changeling may be to challenging for many. Karstein Volle starts a regular comic column for OQM with The Date; identity, love, alienation... Read more

Tähdenlentojen yö

Emmi Kujanpään runo vie meidät etelän yön tunnelmiin Sozopoliin. Kuvitus Juulia Niiniranta. Read more

This heat

This ​i​s ​n​ot ​a​n ​a​rticle ​o​n This Is Not This Heat

It could only be this way. When This Heat decided to reform for some live shows last year, the band would naturally come back under the beguiling This is Not This Heat moniker. With his original comic strip This... Read more

People say politicians are all the same and politics doesn’t matter

It's two years since Karstein Volle wrote this strip and the bread queues have just gotten longer. Volle's imagery and words remain relevant. Read more


Emmi Kujanpään tärkeä, poliittinen ja herkkä runo käsittelee tyttöyttä, sukupuolittunutta taiteilijuutta ja valtaa. Read more

'milk and honey' cover

Rupi Kaur – milk and honey

On her first article for One Quart Magazine, Sonja Pyykkö finds Rupi Kaur’s book 'milk and honey' shallow and banal although people love it. Read more

Karstein Volle - "Nyt riittää" comic

Nyt Riittää!

A young man has been murdered on the streets of Helsinki for voicing his opposition to openly fascist groups. Here's Nyt Riittää! by Karstein Volle and some of the best Finnish comic artists around. Read more

Karstein Volle

Karstein Volle interviews Knut Nærum interviews Karstein Volle

As the 31st Helsinki Comics Festival arrives this weekend, Karstein Volle and his Vinossa collaborator Knut Nærum interview each other. They discuss contemporary comics, form and trends. Read more


In this original piece of fiction, Nathan Holland tells of how one traumatic day is set to alter the course of a soldier’s life and career. Read more

I Love Everyone - Comic

I Love Everyone

In June of this year, Karstein Volle participated in the Oslo 24h comic challenge, where 24 Norwegian comic artists made 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. I Love Everyone is the story of a man with a terrorist mindset,... Read more

Hamam poem picture by Emmi Kujanpää


Runo sukupolvien välisestä kosketuksesta ja naisen paikasta julkisessa tilassa. Read more

I Love Dick by Kaarlo Satuffer

I Love Dick

Vuonna 1997 ilmestynyt I Love Dick on romaani parisuhteesta, hyväksymisen kaipuusta ja rakkaudesta, mutta kirjailija Chris Kraus niin kulttuurihistoriallisesti kuin käsitteellisestikin pilkkoo perinteisen psykodraaman... Read more

Yö takaisin

Vietin naistenpäivän 2016 Berliinissä. Runo syntyi, kun sain kutsun suomalaisten tasa-arvojärjestöjen organisoimaan mielenosoitukseen "Otetaan yö takaisin". Read more

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