Nick Triani

Editor in chief at OQM. I’m also a co-founder, writer and handle some management too. I’m owner and head A+R at the record label Soliti. I also work as a promo person at Playground Music Finland.

Role: Editor, Writer, Management

Articles: 44

Nick's latest posts

My Lawyer Will Call Your Lawyer: The Bridges Of Madison County (1995)

In the latest My Lawyer Will Call Your Lawyer, Astrid Swan and Nick Triani go deep into the romance of The Bridges Of Madison County and find an enduring classic. Read more

The rise of the zombies… George A Romero was onto something

In this tribute to film director George A Romero, Nick Triani makes the case for Romero's zombie cinema as not only influencing popular culture but for also reflecting another view of humanity. Read more

It was 50 years ago today and we won’t ever hear the last of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Nick Triani delves into the world of The Beatles' Sgt.Pepper at 50 and wonders why pop music no longer seems to capture our imagination as it once did. Read more

One Quart at One

It has been a year since One Quart Magazine started to publish online. To celebrate this milestone co-founders Nick Triani and Astrid Swan discuss what they have learned, what lies ahead and what they are struggling... Read more

black panthers

My Lawyer Will Call Your Lawyer: The Black Panthers – Vanguard of the Revolution (2015)

Astrid Swan and Nick Triani see parallels with the here and now as they review Stanley Nelson Jr.’s important Black Panthers documentary. Read more

premier league

The Premier League 2016-17 review: We’re football crazy but the football’s bad

Following on from his Premier League preview nine months ago, Nick Triani looks back at how the top coaches in the league got on amid an anti-climatic (and sometimes boring) 2016/17 football season. Read more

Sugar Coat

The One Quart Interview: Sugar Coat

Sugar Coat are going about business on their own terms. The UK based three piece band are about to release their debut album in early June. Radio 1 described them as “The best British pop group of the year without... Read more

The return of Twin Peaks in these Alien times

Nick Triani ponders the imminent return of Twin Peaks just as another Alien prequel arrives. In his essay Triani tempers high expectations for both, hoping he won’t be disappointed. Read more

40 years of Thrill Power: celebrating 2000 AD (Part One)

Recently celebrating its 40th anniversary, Nick Triani looks back at how the British comic 2000 AD started his life-long love of the strip. In this first of two parts he returns to the origins of an enduring classic. Read more


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – The French Press EP

Nick Triani tries to find something to be happy about whilst reviewing the new EP release from Australia's unexpectedly excellent Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Read more

grant and i

Grant & I by Robert Forster

Robert Forster’s memoir, based on his life in The Go-Betweens and his relationship with his former band mate, the late Grant McLennan, strikes a personal chord with Nick Triani. Includes bumper The Go-Betweens... Read more

Elvis Costello

My favourite Elvis

In this article Nick Triani tries to pin down how the Elvis Costello he knows today came into view whilst giving an overview of his career. He also looks back at five of his favourite Costello albums. Elvis Costello... Read more

b side tree

B-Side Botany: Prefab Sprout

In a new series for One Quart Magazine, B-Side Botany looks at the art of the 7” single flip-side. Nick Triani starts the series with a detailed look at the extra curricular music found within the Prefab Sprout... Read more

2016: a year of brutal honesty?

Nick Triani looks back at 2016 and discovers that the year has ushered in the kind of honesty we didn't want to hear. Read more

Potential and boredom at Slush 2016

In this report Nick Triani visits Slush – one of the world’s biggest tech and start-up fares – for the first time. He finds great minds at work, lots of men in suits, impressive stage designs and an avalanche... Read more

Yoko Ono: Plastic Ono Band

With the welcome reissue of Plastic Ono Band, Nick Triani makes the case for Yoko Ono's vital emergence from the shadow of The Beatles. Read more

Welcome to our reality: the failure of generation why bother

Whilst many people feel shock and anger at Donald Trump's election victory, Nick Triani decides it's time to engage with a familiar foe, the same one we've been fighting all along: ourselves. Read more

I was so much older then

Nick Triani reflects on a time when children's TV was laced with innocent endeavour but primed to excite the most fervent imaginations of our youngest. Read more

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