Nick Triani


Nick Triani

Editor in chief at OQM. I’m also a co-founder, writer and handle some management too. I’m owner and head A+R at the record label Soliti. I also work as a promo person at Playground Music Finland.

Nick's Contributions

One Quart at One

It has been a year since One Quart Magazine started to publish online. To celebrate this milestone co-founders Nick Triani and Astrid Swan discuss what they have learned, what lies ahead and what they are struggling with....

Sugar Coat

The One Quart Interview: Sugar Coat

Sugar Coat are going about business on their own terms. The UK based three piece band are about to release their debut album in early June. Radio 1 described them as “The best British pop group of the year without a doubt”. Nick Triani catches up with Billy from the band for a Q&A. ...

grant and i

Grant & I by Robert Forster

Robert Forster’s memoir, based on his life in The Go-Betweens and his relationship with his former band mate, the late Grant McLennan, strikes a personal chord with Nick Triani. Includes bumper The Go-Betweens playlist. ...

Elvis Costello

My favourite Elvis

In this article Nick Triani tries to pin down how the Elvis Costello he knows today came into view whilst giving an overview of his career. He also looks back at five of his favourite Costello albums. Elvis Costello performs in Helsinki February 20th. ...

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