One Quart Magazine Playlist: Psych

In the latest One Quart Magazine playlist, one of our favourite artists Karstein Volle compiles a big selection of psychedelic sounds: Welcome to psych.

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Writer: Karstein Volle Photos: Karstein Volle

Karstein Volle


A lot of things in life are cyclical.

Summer of 67 – Psychedelia hits high gear.

Summer of 77 – Punk gobs spit at it all.

Summer of 87 – Detroit rave arrives in the UK

Summer of 97 – Godspeed You! Black Emperor releases F#A#oo and post rock is on the cover of NME. (Some obscure band also releases a record called OK Computer. Paves the way for Coldplay before disappearing into a cloud of electronics.)

Summer of 07 – Arcade Fire’s second album ushers in the era of car commercial indie and the moment where indie wins the musical culture wars, while the right wing wins the politics category. (Just because you like downstroke the guitar, doesn’t mean you think the poor should eat. Microbrews and stock portfolios for everyone!)

Is the Summer of 2017 where  it all begins to look a bit brighter? The defeat of Geert Wilders, the prospects of Marine Le Pen and Theresa May shows that the tide might be turning. Is this the summer when politicians catch on that austerity is not “realistic politics”, but dangerous, society – destroying class war against the have-nots, fueled by long since disproven darwinistic ideas?

Time will tell, but meanwhile here’s some noise to new beginnings and better things ahead.


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