Video Premiere: Love Sport ‘Mary, Gary, warehouse’

One Quart Magazine gives you first sight of Love Sport's new video 'Mary, Gary, warehouse' in this exclusive premiere.

Love Sport

Love Sport

Rock’n’roll is a burning guitar driven over by a yellow tractor. Rock’n’roll is a backdrop, a context – it holds the future and the past. Specific and sophisticated avenues of the 1990s indie off of the Oregon shorelines trail themselves into Love Sport in 2016. The landscape is both organically and ironically Scandinavian. The music is comforting, yet playful. Love Sport tunesmith Teemu even popped up on Noisey Vice recently for his songwriting prowess.

Love Sport’s late summer hit ‘Mary, Gary, warehouse’ is the first single from their upcoming album called Dull Tracks released by Soliti in the not too distant future. The video was edited by guitarist Mikko Sulonen (in memory of The White Charvel).

Love Sport play Soliti Five Year Party this Sunday, September 4th at Omenapuutalo, Helsinki, joined by a vast array of label mates. They also tread the boards this autumn at the following times/places:

21.9.2016 Sir Oliver, Helsinki w/ Merries, Paltsa-Kai Salama
23.9.2016 45 special, Oulu w/ Merries, Litku Klemetti & Tuntematon numero
24.9.2016 Vastavirta, Tampere w/ Merries, Ninni Forever Band

Love Sport

Love Sport

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